Call Of Duty Mobile Error 2 11 - How to fix Authorisation Error

call of duty mobile error 2 11 a helicopter

call of duty mobile error 2 11 a helicopter

Call of Duty: Mobile has been another hit for Activision. But, as with so many COD games, it is not without its glitches, and Call of Duty Mobile Error 2 11 is another example of this.

So if you are encountering this problem, we'll take you through the steps which might help you overcome it. We'll examine possible causes for Call of Duty Mobile Error 2 11, and the all-important solutions.

Read this article, and you'll be back blowing things up before you know it.

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What is COD Mobile Authorisation Error 2 11?

The COD Mobile Authorisation Error seemed to become prominent after Season 9 was released. It also seems to rear its ugly head whenever a major patch is dropped.

The error prevents players from logging in to play COD Mobile. Typically, it is tied to an issue with the server, but there are a few possibilities that seem to be afflicting people:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Server issue
  • Corrupted cache data
  • A pending software update

There are almost certainly other examples, but these appear to be the most common. So let's turn our attention now, to the possible fixes, which will get you back up and running.

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How to fix Authorisation Error 2 11 in COD Mobile

First off, let's run through the really obvious stuff, to get it out of the way.

Restart your device. Close the app and relaunch it. Check that you have a stable internet connection. Make sure you don't have lots of devices doing bandwidth-heavy things all competing for priority.

Check whether there are any issues with the servers through Activision Support. But let's assume you've now done all that. There are a few other tricks you can try, to see if you can get around this issue.

Clear your Cache

On this occasion, it isn't a reference to weapons. By clearing the cache on your app, it will log you out of your account, but it will also delete all the data files - maps, weapons, etc. If there were any corrupted files that are responsible for this issue, they'll be gone as well, and you can then re-download what you need, hopefully without any issues.

On Android devices:

  • Go to Settings and Apps
  • Open the COD app and tap on Storage
  • Tap Clear Cache
  • Tap Clear Data, then hit Confirm

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Reinstall COD Mobile

iOS doesn't always give you the option of clearing the cache on a specific app.

So if you have an Apple device, or clearing your cache didn't work on your Android device, then reinstalling the app may be your next best option.

Uninstalling is a pretty straightforward process, and then just restart your device, go back into the App Store or Play Store, and reinstall it.

A couple of final tricks

As well as what we've already mentioned, some people have identified some workarounds that have helped them.

Specifically on an iPad, signing in as a guest, for some reason, can give players access to their own account.

Additionally, you can use another device to link Call of Duty: Mobile to your Facebook account, and then try signing in on your iOS device using Facebook. People have found that this has worked for them, so it might be worth giving it a go yourself.

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