How to fix Call Of Duty 'items falling through map' glitch in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare season 5 has its fair share of glitches, and one particularly annoying one is causing players to lose items that have fallen through the map.

Another recent Warzone glitch caused weapon textures to go weird, but that one was fixed by a recent patch. And another on-going issue is causing players' aim to go wonky after a killstreak.

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Keep reading to learn more about the 'items falling through map' glitch...

What is the 'items falling through the map' glitch?

As you can see in Ohrules's Reddit video below, this glitch causes items to fall through the map - never to be seen again!

The glitch seems to be localised around stairs that lead to subway stations, so you'll want to be careful not to drop things in areas like that! You might not be able to retrieve them.

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How to fix the 'items falling through the map' glitch

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast fix to this glitch. If you've been affected, you could try contacting Activision, or you could just admit to defeat and accept the fact that you can't get these items back.

Going forward, we'll just hope that Infinity Ward and Activision are working on a patch to stop this problem for good. We'll let you know if that happens.

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