CoD Warzone aim glitch: Video shows weapons misaligned and guns firing in the wrong place - but what can you do to fix it?

The Warzone Halloween event is here, but The Haunting Of Verdansk has brought its fair share of glitches with it: today, we've spotted an aim glitch in the game that makes your weapons misalign and guns fire in the wrong place.

This Warzone aim glitch isn't the only thing that has happened, either. Earlier in the week, we saw reports of players failing to receive their Pumpkin Punisher blueprint after completing the specified tasks.

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Keep reading to find out all about this Warzone aim glitch, as we ponder what can be done about it...

Warzone aim glitch revealed by fan video

A Reddit user called pnokmn has shared a video where you can clearly see their aim going completely out of whack during a session of Warzone.

As you can see in the video, which we've embedded below, the gun seems to be totally misaligned - the bullets are firing in a totally different place to where they've been aimed.

The player tries swapping to their secondary but remains convinced that their aim is glitching, so ultimately they decide to drop out of the game - the cardinal sin for a lot of Warzone players!

How to fix Warzone aim glitch

If you've been impacted by the Warzone aim glitch, there are a few things you could try: first you should swap for another weapon and see if the problem persists, and if does, you should drop out of the game and start a new one.

If the problem still isn't resolved, you could close the game and restart your device. Boot back up, jump back into the game, and hopefully the glitch will be gone.

And if that doesn't help, there are only really a few options left: you could uninstall your game and reinstall it; you could sit and wait for a patch from Activision; or you could contact Activision Support on Twitter and see if they respond.

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