CoD Black Ops: Cold War ray-tracing REVEALED in epic video from NVIDIA

Today, NVIDIA unveiled a showcase of videos that displayed ray-tracing and their ‘DLSS’ feature in action on ’Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’.

Ray-tracing has been a feature that’s been around on PC hardware in the last few years, but high specifications for it at the time has limited it to only the high-end of computers.

However, with NVIDIA’s 30 Series being announced and released a couple of month ago, they are already touting ray-tracing as a playable feature with high-frame rates.

With that, lets go into the new features that NVIDIA have announced today for the latest COD.

Begun, the Ray-Tracing War has

As the game is bundled with the RTX 3080 and 3090 GPU’s, it only makes sense that Cold War is showcased with NVIDIA’s latest technology.

Playing games in 4K on a PC isn’t a pipe dream anymore; the majority of games can be played with an acceptable frame rate, and as the below video shows, ray-tracing really helps to pop out the lighting and the textures.

As their press release states, the game features other graphical enhancements from NVIDIA, including:

  • RTX-accelerated ray-traced ambient occlusion, local shadows, and sun shadows effects for more immersive gameplay.
  • NVIDIA DLSS to boost frame rates while generating beautiful, crisp game images.
  • NVIDIA Reflex to reduce system latency.
  • NVIDIA Ansel in the campaign enables you to frame and snap unique hi-res screenshots. 
  • NVIDIA Highlights in Multiplayer, ensuring your most entertaining in-game moments are automatically recorded and saved. 

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A DLSS in the midsts

NVIDIA are also touting their ‘DLSS’ feature. This may sound confusing at first, but essentially it’s a feature that’s used by the ‘Tensor Cores’ on the graphics cards, that can calculate and render whatever the game is showing at that point. These cores then process ray-tracing onto the image, with more optimisations that result in faster frame rates.

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The gains that DLSS brings on the NVIDIA cards.

The above picture shows the gains that DLSS can bring if the game supports it, and with ‘Cold War’, there’s plenty to like here.

This generation of GPU will have ray-tracing and its different forms as a highlight to their products, especially due to the fact that the new consoles also feature it in games like ‘Watchdogs: Legion’.

If you’re looking at an upgrade for your PC in 2021, it seems like the GeForce 30 Series and also the AMD 6000x series will be competing with one another to see which one can process the best ray-tracing, with minimal hits on frame rate.

When you factor that in with the gains that they have on the previous GPU generation, it’s looking like an exciting time to see what other games, old or new can take advantage of these new cards.

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