CoD Black Ops Cold War: 'Error - Disconnected From Server' error code and how to fix it

Now that Call of Duty Cold War is finally out there after months of anticipation, players all over the world are seeing just how the latest entry holds up the previous one.

Of course, with Warzone being a huge factor of Activision’s attention this year, more-so because of the pandemic, it’s caused even more interest in this latest title.

But of course, that excitement can turn into frustration when players run into error codes, and this one is no different.

With that, we see just what this error code entails, and how to fix it in the meantime.

What’s the Error Code?

When you load up the game on PC, you always have to use the ‘Battle’ client; it’s the most basic requirement of playing the Call of Duty games on PC.

However, when a new game with lots of anticipation is released, it could result in so many players logging on, causing the servers to lag or even be inaccessible.

Another factor could simply be related to your own BattleNet account.

There have been reports of some accounts not connecting to the game in whatever fashion, either from the ‘Campaign’ mode or ‘Warzone’.

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How to Fix it!

This is an issue that usually occurs to newly released games, and for Call of Duty it’s no exception.

The first avenue to investigate is your own BattleNet account. Make sure that it’s linked to the Activision account, close the application and launch.

Failing that, look in the settings for ‘Windows Firewall’, see if the incoming and outgoing connections have been allowed.

If you’re still coming across issues, visit their Support page and see if Activision can investigate your issue further.

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