Call Of Duty: Warzone Buy Station Error: How To Fix the Warzone Buy Station Glitch

The Pacific update on Warzone has brought new maps, new environments, and unfortunately, new bugs. The Warzone buy station error is one of those mysterious new errors. The buy station bug is causing immense frustration for players, and adds plenty of fuel to the claims that the update was rushed out. We don't know whether this was the case, but we do know that the error needs fixing. We'll let you know what the problem is, and what your (currently limited) options are for overcoming the buy station glitch.

How To Fix the Warzone Buy Station Error

Unfortunately, the buy station glitch doesn't currently have any definitive solution. But that doesn't mean the situation is entirely hopeless. There are a few tips that various players have suggested worked for them. So give these a go, and maybe you'll get lucky.

  • If you are on PC, some players have found that uncapping your FPS in settings stops the game from freezing.
  • Others have suggested that installing the files on SSD instead of HDD made a difference. Although this is unlikely to resolve the issue on Xbox Series X|S or PS5.
  • Finally, some people found that slowly walking up to the buy station avoids the freezing problem.

Give these suggestions a try if they are applicable. But don't be entirely surprised if they don't work for you. In the meantime, keep checking for any software updates, as a patch may help to fix the underlying issue. You can also report the issue to Activision using their bug report form, or get in touch with them on Twitter for additional support. But what else do we know about the buy station error?

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What Is The Warzone Buy Station Glitch?

The buy station error happens when players are attempting to access the buy station menu. Buy stations are of course, central parts of the map, which attract players like moths to a flame. These are often areas that players will stake out to try to pick opponents off. They are usually quite exposed as well.

The buy station glitch will often cause the game to freeze. If this happens, players are left completely vulnerable for a period of time. While it is usually only 5 seconds or so, that is more than enough for someone to execute a headshot. Given that buy stations are sued to respawn teammates, buy loadouts and equipment, trying to play the game without being able to access them is something of an issue.

As well as freezing, other players have experienced issues where attempting to access the buy station causes the game to crash, or throws them back to the console dashboard. And it isn't specific to any platform. Players on PC, Xbox and PlayStation have all been impacted, suggesting that there is something fairly fundamental going on.

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While it isn't listed as a known issue by Activision at this point, we certainly recommend that players report this bug if they are getting it. The more players who do this, the more likely Activision are to focus on fixing it as a priority. In the meantime, there isn't much any of us can do.

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