Xbox Series S Pre-order Amazon: US PRE-ORDERS NOW OPEN, Stock Updates, Top Reasons to buy, and more!

The time has come, and we now have everything you need to pre-order the Xbox Series S on Amazon!

With PS5 pre-orders in full swing, Xbox fans have been waiting patiently to secure either their Series X or Series S!

Keep reading for the pre-order links, stock updates, and if you're on the fence, a few reasons why getting the Xbox Series S could be a great decision too!


Xbox Series S pre-orders are now officially LIVE on Amazon. However, we appreciate you may want to try moret than one link, so here's a few just in case!

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X from Amazon US

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X from Microsoft Store

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series S from Amazon

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X from Amazon

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series S from Argos

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X from Argos

You can also get your hands on the controllers, including the awesome Shock Blue variation.

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X Controller - Shock Blue

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X Controller - Robot White

PRE-ORDER: Xbox Series X Controller - Carbon Black

Why go for an Xbox Series S?

There are so many reasons to pre-order the Xbox Series S, and we're predicting that there will be floods of people heading to Amazon to get their orders in.

Xbox Series S pre-orders: everything we know about price, specs and buying  the cheap Xbox | TechRadar
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SMALL, BUT MIGHTY! A super slim addition to Microsoft's collection

Here's a few of our top reasons why you should go for it!


The Xbox Series S comes in at a very reasonable $299 or £249. Compared to the Series X, which is a much grander $499 or £449, that's an enormous saving right off the bat!

It's the perfect choice if you're looking to save some cash in general, or even have some left for other accessories too.

Backwards Compatibility

We know you can play all your old Xbox games on the system via an external hard-drive, but did you know your controllers will work too?

READ MORE: Hard Drives Deals - Best deals right now, Amazon Prime Day, and more!

Xbox Series S is backwards compatible with a ton of older Xbox gear, so you don't need to worry about buying new controllers to get straight into any multiplayer action!

1440p at 60 fps

Got a 4K TV that you've been playing Xbox One S on? Well, the good news is that games could look even better when played on Xbox Series S!

1440p actually looks great, and the fact that it can be played at 60 fps makes for a winning combination when it comes to gameplay.


We'll admit, that PS5 has a ton of exclusives - but they don't have Halo! If you want to play Halo: Infinite, which promises to return the game to its amazing routes - then getting a next-gen Xbox is the one for you.

Razer Halo Infinite collab feature 2
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A MUST-HAVE: You don't want to miss out on this game!


Tons of people nowadays actually prefer having their games on an external hard drive as it 1) allows them to keep their console free and running smoothly and 2) saves loads of space!

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SAFE AND SOUND: This stylish HDD is on sale now at Amazon, right here!

Download and keep to your heart's content, whether it be on the console or one of the HDDs which are purpose-built for gaming!

We could go on and on about the Xbox Series S, but we'll leave it there and wish you good luck!

Looking for something else?

If you're thinking about bagging a great deal to go with your pre-order we've got you covered right here.

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