Amid coronavirus lockdown, where can you buy a Nintendo Switch?

With the absurdly successful launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons this past weekend, you might be thinking about getting yourself a shiny new Nintendo Switch to pass the time with. The trouble is that stock is apparently getting quite low in some places, so knowing exactly where you can spend your hard-earned money isn't as simple as just going to a shop and spending it. In fact, going to a shop and doing anything is pretty irresponsible at the moment, so you should really be sticking to online shopping where possible. The only question is, where can you actually buy a Nintendo Switch right now?!

As it stands, Amazon, Smyths, and Curry's seem to be completely depleted when it comes to Switch stock, so you'll need to be wily if you want to find a new one. You can get a Nintendo Switch Lite via the Nintendo store, which is reassuring, but there aren't any standard Switches in stock there.

Argos still has some in stock depending on where you are in the country, though a few of the options are currently Limited Stock, meaning you'll have to act fast if you actually want to get one. One of these limited options is the Animal Crossing Switch though, which makes perfect sense given that the game lets you simulate going outside and seeing friends. They are also listing some in-store, but we'd recommend that you don't go out and get one because we're all meant to be staying inside.

Normally, of course, you could go outside and get a Switch from GAME or CEX, but that would be irresponsible at the moment even if those stores weren't closed. They are very much closed, though, if you were wondering.

There also seems to be a sizeable amount of price gouging, with one Nintendo Switch on the GAME website being listed for £599.99 new. Considering that the RRP of the Switch falls just under £300, it's impossible to be pleased with that pricing. Perhaps you would expect a huge price for the rumoured-to-be-coming Nintendo Switch Pro, but paying more than £500 for a regular Switch is just ridiculous.

There are also, reportedly, price hikes at CEX as well, with pre-owned Switches apparently costing more than a brand-new Switch normally would. With that in mind, here's the link again to the official Nintendo store which currently has the Lite edition in stock at reasonable prices. And here's the link to Argos again, which has limited stocks of the standard Switch.

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