The best unnecessary peripherals that you REALLY don’t need

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You’ve done it. You’ve got your own PC, you’re ready to start downloading your Steam library on your 4TB hard drive, but you feel that something is missing.

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You only need to search the web to see what’s out there to make your gaming-space stand out from the rest, but we’ve curated five peripherals, from the useful to the ridiculous, to help give you an idea of what you could use.


RGB Mouse Mat

Who wouldn't want this?
Who wouldn't want this?

Whether it's wired or wireless, it’s important for your mouse that you have a mat. So why not do it in style with an RGB Mouse Mat?

This particular one gives a nice soft colour change while you’re fighting off Mr X in Resident Evil 2, and by pressing a button towards the top, you can also switch between any colour it shows to make it static, so you can match it with whatever colour your RGB keyboard is set to.

RailDriver Train Cab Controller

Will you choo-choo-choose this peripheral?
Will you choo-choo-choose this peripheral?

It’s all well and good when you’re playing Train Simulator to be driving a train with a keyboard and mouse. 


But why not become more immersed with the world of trains than your very own Train controller set?

But for the price of £220, it can go into the realms of ‘why’.

It works with the latest Train Simulator 2020 on Steam, so it only needs to be plugged in and you’d be ready to go. It features over forty buttons with all the gear sticks you need, you just need to make sure you've got a big enough desk to hold it.

A uniform with a hat isn’t included.

But to note, you can try it with other games if you wish, it’s not restricted just to train simulations. So if you want to try it on Microsoft Flight Simulator for some reason, or Sonic Mania, then go for it.

Zalman USB GunMouse

Why settle for a normal mouse when you could have a GUN mouse?
Why settle for a normal mouse when you could have a GUN mouse?

Ever wanted to feel like you’re really Gordon Freeman in City 17? Look no further than this ‘Gun Mouse’.

There are seven buttons, with the trigger part having 4 of these, two being the standard left and right click, while the other two can be customised to have it tailored to your FPS of choice, whether that's Apex Legends or Destiny 2.

There’s even a switch to control the DPI speed of the mouse, so if you want to stop yourself from dragging this GunMouse across your desk, you can slightly drag it across your RGB mouse mat instead.

Apart from the DPI Switch, all other buttons are available to be customised in case your hand began to ache from having it held in this position for too long.

Telegraph Mouse

Ye olde clicky clicky.
Ye olde clicky clicky.

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia for the olden days of PC gaming, but this could be one step too far.

If you want to relive the days of Thomas Edison and Robert Morse, then look no further for the telegraph mouse. Designed by ‘Datamancer’, it’s built with oak and brass materials to really give the impression that it’s a well-made mouse, even if pressing a mouse-click may be uncomfortable after a period of time.

You can plug this mouse in and easily use the two-button mouse method for many first person shooters. But be prepared for finger-strain when you’re mashing that left-click.

USB Slippers

The future of gaming is fluff.


Out of the thousands of USB peripherals available, from coffee mug warmers to an LED fan for the summer, USB slippers might just be the most ridiculous.

Who wouldn’t want consistently warm feet while battling in Fortnite or long-playing Fallout 4?

There’s a wide variety of slippers you can buy in many different colours, so you could match it up with your RGB mouse mate and combine two of the most pointless peripherals on the market. Enjoy!