Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Pro: worth upgrading?

The gaming landscape is changing and 2020 is a critical year. With the impending arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, there are rife rumours that Nintendo also has a new console up its sleeve.

Recently though, console manufacturers have been taking the lead from phone companies and introducing sub-models within the same series of releases to maximize sales opportunities.

The Xbox One was followed by its cousins Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Very similar but with enough distinct differences, and timed in such a way that tried to pick up different customers along the product lifecycle.

In the Nintendo Switch family, we have already seen them release the Nintendo Switch Lite which makes it completely handheld for a 30% discount in price.

The Nintendo Switch itself got an update to the hardware which meant those who timed it well got a hefty bump in battery time. But even with this, rumours persist of a Nintendo Switch Pro being released in some time in 2021.

TIME TO SWITCH?: I hope they keep the name just for caption puns
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TIME TO SWITCH?: I hope they keep the name just for caption puns

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Pro - Release Date

Nintendo has confirmed it is not launching any hardware in 2020. The rumours have forced them to make a statement about it, but a lot of people believe the very wording of this assumes that something will come in 2021.

That's a long time to wait if you have an itch for a Nintendo Switch right now. The latest model out has an extended battery life and it would be surprising to see any other version being released outside of the Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Pro - Specs

As the Switch Pro would be a new console, it's expected this would jump the levels of spec available. Major games like Animal Crossing are screaming out for it, and problems like the Joy-con drift make it clear that the current hardware could do with an upgrade.

As its just a rumour there are no official specs to go off but some sources have hinted at improved processors, 4K video support and extra USB-C ports.

Again without clarity or certainty at this stage, you might be tempted to opt for the latest model of Nintendo Switch as you will be virtually guaranteed to get at least a year's gaming out of it. Most of Nintendo's competitors are stepping up their push for backward and forward compatibility. If Nintendo follows suit in this, you'll be well placed to continue playing the games you have on a new console should you upgrade at a later date.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Pro - Price

There’s no official price in the market for the next Switch model, but as the rumours have all talked about increased specs the reality is that it will be more than the $299 the Switch launched at. Most of the predictions have it priced around the $399 mark – which is £345 in the UK.

This will, of course, be timed with a drop in the price of the current Switch model (which is actually quite hard to come by at the moment). It is likely to slow drop in price over the course of 2020 from the £279.99 mark it's at right now.

Remember that you can also time a trade-in for cash or credit in some stores to maximise the value from a current system ready to buy a new one, but prices they pay change rapidly day-to-day and factor in the changeover.

As soon as we see official information about the Switch Pro - or the Super Switch as some people like calling it - we'll be sure to let you know.

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