Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are now being sold individually: How much do they cost?

Last week Nintendo announced that customers in the USA could purchase single joy-cons for their Switch, similar to Japan gaining the same ability earlier this year.

Any Nintendo Switch owner has been in a situation where one of the joy-cons have stopped working, or simply wanting to replace the one that came with their console at the start.

Mixing up the different colours or even to add some so that more friend and family could join in is an appealing feature of the hardware, but many didn't want to buy a pair of them for a high price.

With that, let's see what's on offer now that Nintendo have announced this.

A Single Joy-Con to Mingle

From the 9th November, customers will be able to buy a single joy-con in Neon Blue or Neon Red for $39.99. This is $10 less than what a replacement joy-con usually goes for.

Intriguingly it's only two colours that are being offered in this single way, no other colour is.

However, this again makes it more affordable to those paying $79.99 for a pair of joy-con controllers when only one needed to be replaced or added.

But this only applies to USA and Japan from earlier this year, nothing for the UK and the rest of Europe as yet.

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A Single Joy-Con for a Switch Pro?

With rumours abound that a 'Switch Pro' is coming early next year with mini-LED, better battery-life and a thinner bezel on the screen, some have said that this only builds credence to a newer model appearing soon.

We can't help but doubt these thoughts, as the single-purchase of a joy-con makes sense to many here; many customers have been wanting Nintendo to do this soon after the console launched, so it's a welcome move here.

It doesn't add any fire to a 'Switch Pro' coming soon, but it is interesting that it's only now that they're allowing these to be sold in a single volume.

However, many are hoping that the green, purple and red variants also come out in single-fashion to help make their Switch stand out once again.

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