The best Xbox One controller to buy in 2020

Players often don't realise how much kit makes a difference. If you watch any professional streamer, you will notice they have carefully selected their controller, monitor, and other types of kit.

The right controller can really improve your play. Whether its comfort, responsiveness or programmable options - it matters.

It's nice to hear that controllers should be forward compatible with the next-gen Microsoft console, the Xbox Series X.

So if you are looking to upgrade, or you need a replacement, keep reading for the pick of the bunch.

The Best Controller

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

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£159 from Amazon

  • Interchangeable buttons
  • Futuristic design, official product
  • Expensive

This is designed to add value in every day when it comes to gaming. It's comfortable to use for long periods and is targetted at competitive gamers. There are customisable buttons and paddles that can create performance gains.

This also has Bluetooth functionality for it to be compatible with PC. This is an expensive option but it's so clearly the best that its no wonder it has been so popular that it's become its own product line.

The Best Budget Controller

Power A Licensed Controller

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£19.99 from Amazon

  • Similar to the official controller
  • Great price
  • Only comes wired

If you are just looking for a cheap replacement look no further than this Amazon Choice offering. It's very similar to the official pad and is one of the cheapest options you will get.

You can't remap any buttons and it only comes wired. This is a great backup option or one for kids.

The Best Competitive Controller

Scuf Prestige

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£134.99 from Scuf Gaming

  • Close match to original controller
  • Customisable paddles
  • Wireless and rechargeable

Another controller aimed at professionals the material on the Scuf Prestige is crafted for comfort over long hours of play and easy grip. It's rechargeable via micro-USB and will offer about 30 hours of play.

There are four customisable paddles on the back to save time in-game where the milliseconds count. It's not much cheaper than the other options, but it's well priced for a competitive gaming controller.

The Best Show Off Controller

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

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£159 from Amazon

  • Fully customisable buttons and paddles
  • Audio controls
  • Expensive by comparison

The Wolverine Ultimate is one of the most expensive options you can find and for good reason. It's fully customisable and has audio controls, which set it aside from the competition.

It's wired only, but that's due to its use in the competitive area where the split-second reaction times count big. It's long enough to at distance from the machine and it can give you the confidence you'll never lose power mid-game.

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