Best Thermal Paste for Ryzen: Higher Amount or Higher Conductivity?

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Ryzen CPUs often run hot thanks to the unique chiplet design and the high TDP they feature; to efficiently move the generated heat away, PC builders should use the best thermal paste possible for their system!

Your processor's thermal paste needs to be able to efficiently move the heat away from your CPU's IHS heat spreader to the attached CPU cooler. This efficiency is usually measured in the paste's Thermal Conductivity; the higher the thermal conductivity, the better!

The amount of thermal paste given is also significant. Most pastes give you anywhere from 1 gram all the way up to 5 grams; the higher efficiency thermal pastes usually come in a smaller amount.

We've highlighted some of the best thermal pastes from our list below, so let's dive in!

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste, 1g


Some of the best possible Thermal Paste that anyone can buy, this thermal paste comes in a convenient 1.0-gram syringe to ensure easy application.

This thermal paste's thermal conductivity is 12.5 W/mk, and this ensures that nearly any PC can quickly move the heat into the CPU heatsink.

It is one of the most popular thermal pastes for overclockers and gamers that enjoy pushing their systems to provide the maximum performance possible!

Noctua NT-H1 3.5g, Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste


Noctua is a well-known manufacturer that has created the NT-H1 thermal paste that is easy to clean and not electrically conductive and non-corroding.

This thermal paste offers no risk of short-circuits and is completely safe regardless of the installed CPU cooler.

Noctua's unique formula ensures high stability even after 5 years of use!

Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G Thermal Paste


The Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste comes in a 3.5-gram syringe which allows for high thermal transfer, and this is due to the thermal paste being made of 99.9% pure micronized silver.

The 99.9% pure micronized silver ensures that this thermal paste will not separate, run, migrate or bleed when applied, making it easy to apply and remove.

This thermal paste is also isn't electrically conductive, ensuring that your PC components won't short circuit!