Best steering wheel for Forza Motorsport 2020: Our favourite wheels and pedals for the new Xbox racing sim

The new 

Forza Motorsport

was revealed recently, and Xbox gamers are unsurprisingly excited to see what's on offer from the release. Assuming it's

released on Xbox One

in addition to the new Xbox Series X, what is the best steering wheel for

Forza Motorsport 2020?

The best premium steering wheel: Logitech G920

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The Logitech G920 Driving Force racing wheel and pedals have long been the go-to option for Xbox One gamers who are fans of the



Made of hand-stitched leather, the wheel features an unrivalled 900-degree turn radius and dual motor force feedback for a realistic feel. It also comes with a self-calibrating pedal set, adjustable to fit your frame.

Don’t forget to pick up the shifter, too!

The best mid-range steering wheel: Hori RWO Overdrive

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When it comes to the best Xbox One steering wheel for under £100, there's only one name to remember: the Hori RWO Overdrive racing wheel.

Officially licensed by Microsoft, the Overdrive allows you to switch quickly between handling modes, adjust your dead-zone calibration and customise your buttons to how you like. It also includes a clamp for securing the wheel to a desk.

The best budget steering wheel: Subsonic racing wheel

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If you want to play 

Forza Motorsport

with a steering wheel, but aren’t too fussed about the bells and whistles, check out Subsonic's Drive Pro wheel and pedals.

This wheel and pedal set is the best budget option available for Xbox One players, with all the features you need to get racing. Three sensitivity settings give you the freedom to experiment, and the wheel features programmable keys for customisation.

The best elite steering wheel: Fanatec CSL Elite P1

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For the elite players who are willing to spend real money on a racing wheel, our recommendation is definitely the Fanatec CSL Elite P1.

When it comes to racing simulation, it doesn’t get much better than playing with a Fanatec wheel. With superior force feedback, incredible design, interchangeable button caps and precision engineering under the bonnet, this is almost like the real thing.

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