Best SSD deals in July 2023

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A Samsung 990 Pro SSD with two other NVMe devices behind it

The best SSD deals are in a new place now that Amazon’s Prime Day has been and gone. The good news is that there are still plenty of solid state drives on sale at the moment. Of course, the savings might be slightly different, but sales season is every season, as long as you know where to look.

Grabbing one of the best SSDs is a great way to make sure you can also get the most out of the best gaming PCs, After all, not only is more storage useful for downloading more games, but more powerful SSDs can make loading times even shorter. Sure, you might miss loading times for all the tips and tricks, but that's a small price to pay for more game time.

The SSD deals we've collected are all live and kicking at the time of writing in mid-July, but these are flying off the digital shelves pretty fast. That's to say don't hang around too long, otherwise there might not be any left.

Samsung 990 Pro

The best SSD deal on Amazon Prime Day.

A Samsung 990 Pro NVMe SSD against a red and yellow background
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Sale Price: $169.50
Down from
: $289.99
Saving: 42%
Capacity: 2TB
Speeds: Up to 7450Mb/s

At the top of our list of the best SSD deals is this Samsung 990 Pro Series 2TB SSD. Aside from the fact that this SSD has a massive 42% reduction, which is very nice, it’s from one of the most reliable brands in the market and a powerhouse in just about every aspect, from a whopping capacity to blazing fast speeds.

2TB is genuinely more storage than the vast majority of people need, with the only real exceptions being those who insist on keeping every game they own installed. Those people are monsters. Pair it with a Gen 4 compatible motherboard and a relatively modern CPU and the speeds on this thing are staggering with up to 1,550K IOPS, and read/write speeds of up to 7,450MB/s. Basically, you’re going to be able to get your Sonic on with this SSD.

Crucial P3

The best big SSD deal on Amazon Prime Day.

A Crucial P3 NVMe SSD against a yellow and white background
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Sale Price: $187.58
Down from: $229.99
Saving: 18%
Capacity: 4TB
Speeds: Up to 3,500MB/s

Some people say it’s not the size but what you do with it. This Crucial P3 Prime Day deal is for everyone out there who thinks that’s wrong, and that bigger is most certainly better. You can grab a 2TB version for $82.89, which is a 17% saving, but that's not the one we really like. The one we recommend has a massive 4TB capacity, but thanks to the 18% discount, it is only $187.58.

Aside from a chunky capacity, which should be good for those who like AAA games, do video editing, or just really like not using most of their SSD, it also has decent speeds of up to 3,500Mb/s, and is rated for over 1.5 million hours of use. Which, let’s be honest, will likely outlast your PC in the first place.

Lexar Professional NM800 Pro

The best SSD deal with a heatsink during Amazon Prime Day.

A Lexar Professional NM800 NVMe SSD against a pink background
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Sale Price: $199.99
Down from: $259.99
Saving: 23%
Capacity: 1TB
Speeds: Up to 7,500MB/s

We don’t want to get too personal, but how much do you sweat after going out on a run? Overheating is a big old problem for a lot of us, and also a lot of our devices. The faster they get, the more they heat, which is why we cover our processors with CPU coolers and our graphics cards with fans. A heatsink can do wonders to avoid that problem on an SSD, and can often help with better power efficiency too.

This Lexar Professional NM800 Pro SSD not only has a good 1TB capacity, but it also has an integrated heatsink, and still manages speeds of up to 7,500Mb/s, which is pretty staggering. Better yet, it can be used in both PCs and the PS5 too, making it a little bit more versatile than a lot of the other best SSD deals you’re likely to find not only during Prime Day, but in general. It’s worth noting that this heatsink won’t fit underneath a motherboard plate cover, and you probably don’t need a heatsink if that’s the case. But if your NVMe is left exposed, you might want to replace it with one that can cool itself.

Samsung 870 QVO


The best SATA SSD deal Amazon Prime Day has to offer.

A Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD against a green and orange background.
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Sale Price: $214.99
Down from: $429.99
Saving: 50%
Capacity: 4TB
Speeds: Up to 560Mb/s

SATA SSDs aren’t as fast as the M.2 NVMe models on this list, but you can fit way more of them in a gaming PC. Motherboards can often connect up to six, while you’ll get between one and four NVMe slots if you’re lucky.

This Samsung 870 QVO SSD comes with a whopping 4TB capacity, has modest but effective speeds of up to 560Mb/s, and has good performance as a result. While not as fast as some others on the list, the price and size combo is very hard to ignore and is sure to keep anyone using it happy.

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