Best Small Form Factor PC Cases 2021: Our Top Space Saving Picks!

The best small form factor PC case depends on your specific gaming setup; getting a case that can fit on your desk and provide some fantastic performance depends heavily on your desk and the space available for the case.

These cases feature a smaller design, limiting the length and size of various components and requiring users to ensure that all of their components can easily fit inside them before purchasing. If you want to ensure that you've got as much room as possible, then head on over to our friends at Gfinity to check out their top picks for the

best PC cases around. 

This article will showcase some fantastic options for the best small form factor PC cases for your gaming setup.

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Thermaltake Core G3 PC Case

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The grey color scheme with a tempered glass side panel ensures that PC builders can still show off their PC components without needing to open up their case!

This case allows for a Floating GPU design and a Dual Placement Layout, allowing the case to sit horizontally or vertically while not impending any airflow to or from the case!

This case offers support for an ATX motherboard while being in an mATX form factor, allowing for more PCIe slots compared to other PC cases.


Thermaltake Core V1 PC Case

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While this case is one of the larger on the list, it still only supports a Mini-ITX motherboard but offers interchangeable side panels. It is in a cube design and features compatibility for power supplies with a length of 200 mm.

It features a 200 mm fan mounted to the front panel, where it can draw in a large amount of air through the front panel with air holes. This case offers a high amount of ventilation through the rear, front and side panels.

It can support a graphics card with a length of up to 285 mm, a CPU cooler height of 140 mm.

NZXT H210 PC Case

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The previous entry focuses on compatibility for PC components. It uses a cube design, and this case offers a minimalistic design with a PSU shroud and a tempered glass side panel.

This case is often used in many PC builds due to the ease of building and the unique, minimalistic style that this PC case offers.

It features a USB Type-C port that allows for a high amount of connectivity compared to PC cases that only offer USB Type-A ports.

IN WIN A1 Plus PC Case

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The IN WIN A1 Plus Mini-ITX PC case features an integrated ARGB lighting on the bottom of the case. This lighting can be controlled through the installed motherboard's RGB software.

It has a unique feature of the Qi Wireless phone charger, allowing users to charge their phone while they game!

It also comes in three different colors, which are white, pink, and black.

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