Best RAM for Ryzen 5900X: Our Top Picks for 2021

AMD's newest Ryzen Processors series called Ryzen 5000 processor series offers much faster when compared to AMD's previous generation.

The Ryzen 5900X processor will use a DDR4-3600 or a DDR4-4000 RAM kit to the maximum while not breaking your PC building budget!

Of course, RAM capacity depends on the desired PC usage, with gaming PCs using either 8GB or 16 GB while video editing PCs usually feature significantly more RAM.

Let's take a look at some of the best RAM for Ryzen 5900X we could find!

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 4600MHz 16GB - $199.99

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Offering a speed of 4,600 MHz which allows for an incredibly quick gaming experience, and the included RGB lighting can be controlled through

Alexa/ Razer Chroma/ 5V Motherboard Syncable RGB Memory for a much more customized PC system. 

Using two modules, this RAM kit can utilize a dual-channel design to allow for faster speed!

This the fastest DDR4 RAM kit that can fit into a PC builder's reasonable budget and can be fully utilized by the Ryzen 5900X processor.

Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 16GB - $154.99 / £129.99

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Losing the RGB lighting but keeping roughly the same speed makes this RAM kit perfect for a sleeper PC.

The grey color scheme features the Viper Logo in each module's center and makes them easily recognizable at a glance.

This kit features a RAM speed of 4,400 MHz, is a speed that won't bottleneck your system and allows the Ryzen 5900X to flourish in gaming or streaming!

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB 64GB - $439.99

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Video editors usually require larger RAM capacities compared to gaming PC, and this 64 GB kit should be perfect for nearly any video editing software!

Both of these two modules have RGB lighting, which can be controlled through various software and customized to fit with nearly any RGB lighting scheme.

The larger capacity does come with a single downside compared to the other kits on this list is the slightly slower speed of 3,600 MHz which is still incredibly fast for gaming and video editing PCs.

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