Best PS5 Headsets 2021: Which Gaming Headset Should You Go For?

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When Sony first announced the


, amongst the best selling points of 'next-gen' was the

audio enhancements

it would bring to the world of gaming headsets, specifically 3D audio and how it would revolutionise gameplay, creating immersive experiences unavailable on the PlayStation 4.

Of course, this audio upgrade is pretty useless without the right equipment. That pair of earbuds may be good enough for listening to Spotify while working, but they won't allow you to fully appreciate the audio design of

Sony's upcoming games

, and certainly won't help you listen out for enemy footsteps in

Call of Duty


With that in mind, here are our top five picks for the best PlayStation 5 headsets available in 2021.

Best Official Headset: Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

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Sometimes, the official accessories released alongside consoles are pretty bad. But sometimes, in the case of the PS5's Pulse 3D headset, they are unmatched.

This noise-cancelling headset is designed specifically to make use of the PS5's bespoke 3D Tempest AudioSet, featuring a hidden microphone that won't interfere with your gameplay experience.

The twelve-hour charge of the wireless headset is also quite impressive for the features it comes with, meaning you won't need to constantly be using a backup headset while waiting for your headset to charge.

Given the Pulse 3D's impressive specs, its stock level is quite low, but you should be able to pick it up on Amazon for around £89.99/$99.99 - down from £117.87.

Best Wired Headset: Logitech G433 Wired Gaming Headset

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While wireless headsets often give you freedom, there is still a demand for wired headsets - especially if you don't want to be frustrated by waiting for your headset to recharge.

Our pick for a wired headset is Logitech's G433 headset, which is currently my headset of choice. Aside from the high-quality audio output from this headset (The 7.1 positional audio is definitely responsible for my improved K/D in

Black Ops Cold War

), I'd draw your attention to the comfort the G433 offers. Its mesh ear pads are perfect for those extra-long gaming sessions as you grind out the latest loot from the various Battle Passes available.

The mic is also detachable, meaning this gaming headset is also perfect for players wanting a catch-all product they can use for music, single-player gaming, and multiplayer.

It's currently on sale for £99.98 - 10% off its RRP.

Best Cheap PS5 Headset: Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset

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After spending £450/$499 on a brand-new PlayStation 5 along with a couple of games, you might not be wanting to splash out on a new gaming headset, but that doesn't mean you should suffer with subpar audio. Instead, we'd suggest picking up Mpow's gaming headset from Amazon, which costs just £27.99.

The Mpow Gaming Headset is among the most popular headsets for those wanting to balance affordability with quality and even comes with LED lighting to add to your gaming setup.

Don't let the price fool you, though. The Mpow headset still utilises dual 50nm speakers to deliver crisp audio at all levels.

Best All-Round PS5 Headset: Sennheiser GSP 300 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

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While many people have a different headset for gaming and listening to music/watching videos, this is often a costly endeavour.

If you want a solid all-round headset for your PS5, we'd recommend the Sennheiser's closed acoustic headset. This headset delivers impressive bass performance and acoustics, minimising any background noise for improved immersion.

The noise-cancelling microphone delivers crystal-clear game chat, and also has the unique feature of automatically muting when you raise the mic's boom above a certain level.

Best PS5 gaming headset deal: Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

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Originally available for £99.99, Razer's Kraken Tournament Edition headset is available for just ££68.49 on Amazon.

Razer is known for making high-quality tech products, and the Kraken doesn't disappoint. Featuring THX Spatial Audio that delivers positional audio, custom-tuned 50nm drivers, and a fully customisable audio setup, it's hard to go wrong with Razer's headset.

If you want to stand out while gaming, the Kraken is also available for £84.98 in green.

Best PS5 earbuds: Turtle Beach Battle Buds

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In-ear headphones are often dismissed by gamers in favour of over-ear headsets. While this is usually for good reason, a few companies have managed to crack the earbud-gaming puzzle. One of these companies is Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach's Battle Buds don't sacrifice audio quality for in-ear audio. Featuring 10mm speakers, the Battle Buds are capable of producing all the highs, lows and details required for gaming in 2021.

The Battle Buds also includes a detachable microphone that attaches to the earbud. This is the perfect solution to a critical issue faced by earbuds - where to place the mic. By attaching the microphone to the earbud, the audio quality is as crisp as you'd get in an over-ear headset, while being able to remove this mic makes the headphones perfect for everyday use, too.

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