Best Nintendo Switch controllers to buy: which Joy-Con or Pro Controller to choose?

If you're one of the lucky ones who've managed to buy a Nintendo Switch before they all sold out, then you're probably enjoying a new world of handheld gaming and almost magical technology. Of course, you could also be trying to pay back the ever-building debt that Tom Nook sweet talks you into in Animal Crossing: New Horizons too, which is fun, sort of. What you might also be doing, is enjoying a bit of co-op gaming with a partner or your family, in which case, you might also need more controllers. So, here are some of the best Nintendo Switch controllers for you to buy.

First of we have the mighty Joy-Con controller. Sure, you've got the pair that came along with the Switch itself, but have you got these shiny Neon Blue and Neon Yellow ones? Maybe, but if not, having an extra pair of Joy-Cons around can make a huge difference to multiplayer gaming. And it can save you from the perils of Joy-Con drift. Plus, it gives you the option to do a bit of Switch fashion, mix up the pairings and live your best life. Bring out the colours, accessorize, just go for it, who's going to stop you? Not us, that's for sure.

Next, we have the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you've never held one of these, then you're genuinely missing out. The beauty of this controller is in its simplicity, it is so close to every other controller you have, but just a little smoother, just a little nicer. It works wonderfully with Switch, of course, but it also makes for an excellent PC controller if you're so inclined. The Joy-Cons are nice and all, but sometimes you want a bit more heft in your hands, and the Pro Controller is perfect for exactly that.

Finally, how about a nice budget option? After all, we don't all have the big Nintendo money to be spending on our accessories, especially after buying a Switch in the first place. Well, in that case, might we recommend the Gioteck WX4 Wireless Controller? Our review described it as being "the perfect ‘pro controller’ for owners of Nintendo’s latest console", which is high praise indeed. It might not look as fancy as the official one, but sometimes you just need to save money without sacrificing quality, and that's exactly what this controller is good at. Also, it's nice to have a controller to give to a younger sibling so that they know their place.

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