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Looking to buy some cool earbuds for mobile gaming? Then we got you covered. While PC and other console gaming sessions go perfectly with regular headsets, for mobile gaming, you need a more compact earpiece for mobile gaming.

That's why we have compiled a list of the best earbuds for mobile gaming sessions for you! These are comfortable to wear for longer hours, have high-quality sound profiles, and also easy on the pocket.

Not to forget, our choices in mobile gaming earbuds come with 0-latency issues or heating problems and are snug to fit. So, without further ado, let's check them out.

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Best earbuds for mobile gaming logitech g333

Pocket-Friendly - Logitech G333

The Logitech G333 is a snug fit for your pocket-friendly mobile gaming needs. It's easy on the budget and has bass-heavy sound engineering for high-quality audio.

However, it lacks in its noise-cancelling capabilities and might not be able to cut off public noises or let your friends hear you too well. That being said, its in-line mic has moderate-quality audio recordings. This means that you will be audible in-game if you choose a quieter environment for your game sessions.

Additionally, the buds are comfortable in the ear for longer sessions and are compatible with USB-C-type connectivity. You can use the Logitech G333 for more action-packed games on your phone without facing any lag issues.

As for removing background noises, you can always use the basic controls and adjust the volume according to your environment. These earbuds' high-quality audio takes over control and lets you immerse yourself in any game you play.

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Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed True Wireless best earbuds of mobile gaming

RGB-Enhanced - Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed True Wireless

The Razer Hammerhead Pro comes with cool RGB lighting which you can personalise as per your style. Its wireless support makes it a great addition to your mobile gaming experience, making it a great choice for enhancing your gameplay.

Additionally, its noise-cancelling system allows you to fully immerse inside a game and play your part without any disturbances from your surroundings. This means you can play your game in public with these earbuds on.

As for the comfort factor, the Razer Hammerhead is on a moderate scale and might not fare well for long-term usage. This being said a fully charged Hammerhead Pro will last three to four hours, with a rechargeable case to back you up a little more.

And while this earbud set is popular among gamers for its RBG lighting, its sound quality might feel a little wonky. However, in terms of a true-to-looks gaming earbud set, the Razer Hammerhead Pro is a great set to keep around.

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MOONDROP Blessing 3 best earbuds for mobile gaming

Best sounds around - MOONDROP Blessing 3

While these earbuds do not come with a mic for audio recordings, their sound quality gives you a high-quality gaming experience. Its neutral sounds are perfect for games with frequent dialogues and soundtracks that best define the entire gameplay.

While there are no audio customization options for the MOONDROP Blessing 3, the clarity in the sound system offers crisp music, voices, and background sounds.

And if the default bud sizes don't work for your ears, you can always switch out from the different-sized buds which come with the pack. Plus, this non-wireless earbud set comes with detachable cables which you can swap in and out as per your preference.

Now, while the high-quality sound and the customizable build make these earbuds an instant hit among mobile gamers, the MOONDROP Blessing 3 does not effectively cancel out background noises during your intense gaming sessions.

But, if you want to get earbuds for mobile gaming that work to your comfort, the MOONDROP Blessing 3 could be your pick

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KS AS10 earbuds for mobile gaming

Durability redefined - KZ AS10

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For intensely clear sound and a bulky build, the KZ AS10 will do you justice. Its 3 differently-sized earbuds work amazing for customizing the earbuds to your comfort. Not to forget, this one pair of earbuds is available in two variants:

  • Plain-audio cable
  • In-line mic

The best part is that the KZ AS10 lets your solo and team-plays stay consistent with high-quality audio output. Moreover, the cables are detachable, so you can always style in your way for indoor or outdoor mobile.

The best part is the durability of KZ AS10 is its durable plastic coating that keeps it safe from damage. And while durability comes with bulkiness, these earphones can be heavy over the ears.

So it's best to time using these earbuds to avoid the heaviness. That being said, its bass-heavy sound effects enhance dialogues, sound effects, and the boss-musics every time.

And given the snug ear fit, the KZ AS10's noise cancellation performance ensures that your gaming experience stays on point always.

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SteelSeries TUSQ earbuds for mobile gaming

High-Quality mic - SteelSeries TUSQ

Want to ensure your friends can hear you properly? Then check out the SteelSeries TUSQ. Its ambient sound system lets your voice stay clear, crisp, and lag-free.

While the earbuds are wired, the detachable boom mics take centre stage. Plus, its bass-heavy sound can cut through any distraction, letting the sound effects from gunshots, magic spells, dialogues, and music become more immersive. Moreover, your voice stays fully audible to your teammates, helping keep glitches and miscommunications at bay.

Now, there are no customization options on the SteelSeries TUSQ earbuds. Which means you cannot tweak the volume and audio input/output from default. Additionally, its noise-cancelling capability is mediocre but works well if you're in a remote or semi-public area.

Thankfully, the mic is closer to the mouth, ensuring that your voice is direct even when you have background noises. However, the in-game sounds might feel a bit muddled in public due to the non-customizable issue.

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HHOGene Gpods RGB Wireless Earbuds best earbuds for mobile gaming

Noise cancellation - HHOGene Gpods RGB Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to snug fit and ultimate noise-cancellation features why the HHOGene Gpods RGB Wireless Earbuds are a hit among mobile gamers.

It's stylish and customizable and changes its lighting according to your music preference, mood, and liking. Not to forget, its active noise cancelling lets you fully submerge into your favourite mobile game. Thanks to its intuitive touch control, you can customize the RGB lighting and audio settings as per your liking.

What makes this earbud pair so popular is its long 5-hour battery life and the charging case for some extra charging for your gameplay! And thanks to its waterproof design, you can use it safely outdoors.

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