Best micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch

Even without the fabled Nintendo Switch Pro, the Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo.

As well as spawning a Lite spinoff product, the loveable home/handheld hybrid console has overtaken the Xbox One in unit sales despite not having been released as long. But one of the big challenges of mobile gaming is storage.

As consoles move more and more to digital options, there is increased pressure on having storage capacity for multiple games. There are some games that don’t even fit in the standard 25.9GB user-accessible space.

Nintendo foresaw this with their designs and included a Micro SD slot with the Switch, which allows you to boost this internal capacity. But there’s so much choice!

To help you, we have pulled out our top three options;

Best Branded Version

Sandisk microSDXC for Nintendo Switch

256GB - £55.10 from Amazon

64GB and 128GB options available

Warranty - Lifetime/30 years

Read Speed - up to 100 mb/s

Coming from a known brand, you are getting a reliable product that has been designed for the Nintendo Switch. The reality is you are paying a slight premium for the comfort of knowing it’s well made and officially licensed. Its generally on the quicker side so you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ve got a good product.

Best Cheaper Option

Kingston Canvas Select microSDXC

256GB - £37.99 from Amazon

64GB and 128GB options available

Warranty - Lifetime/30 years

Read Speed - up to 80 mb/s

Still a known brand but saving 30-40% on the official model above is the Kingston Canvas. It is slightly slower, but not so much that it will be that noticeable when downloading a new game. It’s a great option if you want to save some money to invest in other parts of your Switch or in games.

Best Option for Massive Storage

SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC

512GB - £83.49 from Amazon

400GB options available

Warranty - 10 years

Read Speed - up to 100 mb/s

If you’re the kind of person that thinks bigger is better then this is the best option for a large storage card. It’s around 17x bigger than the storage you get with the Switch which is a helpful context for the price tag. There is a 400GB version which is about £20 / $40 cheaper so try to work out which one you want, but you don’t want to buy 400GB and then have it run out and have to buy this later.

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