The best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a wonderful little console, but it also takes the ability of the original Switch to be either a console or a handheld and condenses it into just a handheld. It's as far from a Nintendo Switch Pro as you could get, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

The smaller size allows for benefits like that lightweight feel, but one thing you might need to supercharge your Nintendo Switch Lite is a bit of extra storage with a micro-SD card.

So, while we've already talked about the best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch, and while they're all good options for a Nintendo Switch Lite too, you really do want a bit more space with the handheld version. Lugging games cartridges around with you, even the tiny ones that the Switch uses is a pain, so you should avoid that by having more storage than you could possibly fill.


Buy the SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC

512GB – £83.49 / $99.99

400GB options available

Warranty – 10 years

Read Speed – up to 100 mb/s

Look at the size of this absolute unit. When all that matters is the amount of storage then you should always try and go big. Given that many indie games are only a couple of GBs each, you can (slaps roof of Micro SD card) fit so many games in this bad boy. It's just the most logical choice if you're all about that handheld life, and you'd do very well to get ahold of one and just fill it with your favourite games. There is a 400GB version available too, but if you can afford it try and go for this one instead.


Buy the Kingston Canvas Select microSDXC

256GB – £37.99 / $50.95

64GB and 128GB options available

Warranty – Lifetime/30 years

Read Speed – up to 80 mb/s

Of course, if you really want to save money then the best thing to do is just get a smaller Micro SD card, a mini-Micro SD card, if you will. These are substantially cheaper than the behemoth above, but you do lose a sizeable chunk of memory as a result. They're also a little slower, but you'll very rarely notice it. We definitely recommend you save up and go for the SanDisk Ultra, but life can be taxing enough without worrying about the size of your SD card, so don't worry if this is the one that makes sense for you.

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