The best keyboard to buy for working from home on a laptop, PC, Macbook, iPad or phone

We’ve covered the best headsets, and also the best monitors, but what really matters is how you can convert thoughts into key-presses.

Keyboards are like a good coat; it needs to feel right but also needs to fit for many situations. It also needs to be reliable in every eventuality, otherwise you'll be asking for a refund.

With that, here are a few keyboards that will get you through those Slack chats, Google Docs moments and everything else that you do when working from home.

Apple Magic Keyboard: best keyboard for Macbook users

Truly spellbinding.
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Truly spellbinding.

Currently £119.99 from Amazon

This iconic keyboard from Apple is the ideal peripheral to spruce up your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, and they’ve been the perfect accompaniment for the iPad as well.

Available in White or Space Black, these are full-size keyboards which obviously work well with Apple products, and they work great with a work computer in case you need to swap one out!

They’re charged by lightning cable, so if you have a spare iPhone charger cable available, they will not only charge, but also work wired if needed.

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Logitech K480 Multi-Device: ace for swapping between devices

Handy for all situations.
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Handy for all situations.

Currently £54.99 from the Logitech Site

This keyboard from Logitech has been well-known to be a fantastic all-in-one, especially if you have Slack and Google Docs on all your devices, ready to use the keyboard with any of them.

Using the dial at the side of the peripheral, you can switch between three devices which have already been paired. So essentially there could be an iPad, a OnePlus 7T, and the PC as a backup option, all connected to this when needed.

The battery life is fantastic, with two AAA batteries and a month-long charge usually, so you’ll have plenty of time to work on a fair few jobs when working from home.

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a mention of games once here, and you’d be spot on. This isn’t a keyboard for gaming; perhaps for a game with simple controls like Sonic if you’ve paired it to a PC or Android device, but it would only be for a short burst. You won’t be playing Final Fantasy XIV on this for a period of time.

The only fault that this has is that the keys are not backlit, otherwise this would be a near-perfect buy. For £54.99 it’s a great deal, especially for that dock and the ability to pair up to three devices.

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Keychron K2 Wireless Keyboard: great for content creators

Snazzy, eh?
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Snazzy, eh?

Currently £89.99 from Amazon

This is a favourite among content creators, as it can be customised to your liking on the Keychron website.

Even when selecting the keyboard at checkout, you can choose between three ‘Gateron’ Switches, so if you want a ‘clicky’ keyboard, you can have it!

There’s also additional function keys which come with every K2, so you can have a Windows key, or a Mac key, to better match up with what it's connected up to.

There’s also a feature which is welcome here; up to three devices that can connect to it, so just like the Logitech keyboard, you can switch between your devices with the peripheral when needed.

Of course, it does come with an ‘RGB’ option, similar to the Razer keyboard that we reviewed last week.

The battery life is fantastic, with a 4000mAh charge, so for a 9-5 shift each workday, it will be perfect for that situation, ready to recharge on Sundays.

Even though it has a $79 price tag, the travel of the keys and the customisation are welcome here, and it can fit into many bags if you want to use it with a tablet, or even the work PC in the office for when lockdown concludes.

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Unicomp Classic 101: the ultimate retro throwback

Old school vibes!
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Old school vibes!

Currently $94 from Unicomp

If you want the ultimate throwback, then look no further.

Harking back to the days of the Commodore and Acorn Computers that you used to have at school in the early nineties, this will be a perfect fit to play those MS-DOS games during a work-break.

It connects through USB instead of the old standard of PS/2, so it can be used with your top of the line Gaming PC if you really want to play Quake II as expected, but yes, for those wondering, it does work with an iPad as well.

The angle of the keyboard works well for gaming or documents, and that satisfying ‘click’ that’s known from these keyboards of the time is here as well. 

To note, there is a black option, which can remind you of the type of keyboard that was mostly used in mid-90s spy-shows, so if you want to go one step further, then it could be time to treat yourself during these times.

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