Best gaming TV 2020: Our top picks for 4K, OLED and QLED TVs for gaming

Having a top TV is absolutely crucial to making sure your home gaming setup is as good as it can be. It's probably the most important thing to get right. As such, we've pulled together our top picks for best gaming TV 2020.

Particular emphasis has been placed on input lag of these TVs, in other words how quickly the TV can react to the things you do in-game. Naturally, the best products also have the highest quality screens, too.

Read on for our one-brand-heavy recommendations...

Samsung Q70T

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The best TV on the market for gamers right now is without a doubt the Samsung Q70T. Available up to 85", this 4K QLED display offers best-in-class picture quality and smart features.

According to


, which tests TVs for their input lag, the Q70T has the lowest lag among 4K TVs right now - only 9.1ms in 4K at 60 Hz. Couple with that the epic reputation of Samsung smart TVs and you have the perfect choice.

Samsung Q60T

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It stands to reason that the model just under our favourite TV would be the best value. The Samsung Q60T offers similar performance for a few hundred quid less, if you don't need the absolute highest spec in every minutiae.

Available from 43" up to 85", the Q60T boasts HDR10+ support and all the apps you'll want. Input lag is just 10.0ms, still above every non-Samsung option.

LG UM7050

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If you're on a stricter budget, the LG UM7050 is the best 4K ultra HD TV on the market right now under £500. The 55" model (our size of preference) is just £399!

LG is often highlighted as second only to Samsung when it comes to great tellies. The UM7050 is HDR10 compatible, features TruMotion 100 processing, and plenty of your favourite smart TV apps. Incredible value.

Samsung Q800T

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If you want to get ahead of the curve, there are a few 8K resolution TVs on the market right now. With the added resolution, you are trading in a bit of speed, but if clarity is your preference then look no further.

We promise we're not paid by Samsung to say this, but they win again with the Q800T. Yes it's over three grand, so it might pay to wait, but if you're in the market then check out this beast.

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