Best gaming chair for NBA 2K21

Best gaming chair for NBA 2K21: Sit back and relax as you make it rain on the court

NBA 2K21 is officially coming! If you’re excited about the next entry in the popular NBA 2K series and want to play it in ultimate comfort, check out these picks for best gaming chair for NBA 2K21.

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Best gaming chair with speakers: BraZen Stag 2.1

Hear everything live

For complete immersion in the NBA experience, check out the BraZen Stag 2.1 gaming chair with Bluetooth surround sound.

This pedestal gaming chair is comfortable and high-tech, allowing you to connect your PS4, Xbox One or PC to high-quality speakers via Bluetooth or wired. It also supports up to 150 kg (23 st 8 lbs), which is at the higher end of what gaming chairs can offer.

Best faux leather gaming chair: Arozzi Verona V2

Pure comfort and control

The Arozzi Verona V2 is perfect for anyone looking for complete comfort during a long gaming session. It features a soft faux leather finish and adjustable height and back.

The Verona V2 is durable and stylish, with plenty of adjustment capability so you can make your perfect setup with ease. This is a great option for every gamer and home office worker.

Best fabric gaming chair: UMI gaming chair

Premium quality and price

If you prefer the feel of a fabric chair to one covered in faux leather, check out UMI’s ergonomic gaming chair at Amazon.

This chair can recline all the way down to 150 degrees, so it’s perfect for relaxing in between tournies or if you just need a rest. The height and headrest are also adjustable, so this chair gives you all the comfort and compatibility you need to perform.

Best floor rocker gaming chair: X Rocker Hydra 2.0

Rock the match away

If you prefer to be close to the ground when you’re playing, the X Rocker Hydra 2.0 is the best floor rocker gaming chair for the price, with three colours available.

Compact and comfortable, this floor rocker features a sound system in the headrest which you can connect to your PS4, Xbox One or PC. You’ll be sure to feel immersed in the match with the Hydra 2.0, which is both comfy and practical.


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