Best 4K TV for PS5

ps5 4k tv

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are boasting some serious power, and both of them are capable of 4K gaming right now (with 8K potentially coming in the future). So you might well be thinking of upgrading your TV!

Although the Xbox Series X and PS5 visual output do not strictly require a 4K TV, you may want to upgrade your TV so you can do your new console(s) justice. So we have put together a few key options to consider if you are looking to get a great TV for your PS5.

As a gamer, when picking a TV there are a few things worth considering. If you play a lot of fast-paced games, particularly first-person shooting games, you should look for the shortest lag times. Along with that, keep an eye out for the refresh rate.

The faster the better, but to future proof, you might decide to go to the 120 Hz range. TVs now often have Game Modes to optimise these features.

Also, consider what size you want. The bigger the TV the more immersive the experience, however it also takes longer to refresh and can often mean you don't have a narrowed field of vision. With all of that in mind, here are some TVs that we think we do the job wonderfully for PS5 or Xbox Series X...

Best overall 4K TV: Samsung UE55TU7100KXXU 55" LED TV

samsung ps5 4k tv
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Samsung has been one of the market leaders in TVs for a while now, and they know how to make products great for gamers.

This model has been designed to give flawless 4K experiences, beautifully sharp colours and impressive functionality. This fantastic TV also features all the streaming services you could possibly want, adaptive sound control and an impressively low lag rate rounds out this excellent display.

This one is available for under £450 at Currys PC World right now.

Best value 4K TV: Sharp 4T-C55BJ4KF2FB 55" LED TV

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Sharp is a brand that's fallen behind in some ways recently, but they still know how to make a damn good telly. Enter the 4T-C55BJ4KF2FB (what a mouthful!).

This 55" LED TV knocks about for around the same price as a decent 1080p choice, so you know you're getting value for money, all while not comprising on quality. This 60 Hz display also features Miracast for easy screen mirroring, so it's a jack of all trades.

This one's only on Currys PC World, but it's an absolute bargain!

Best fast response 4K TV: Samsung Q60T 50" QLED TV

samsung ps5 4k tv
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Samsung kills it again with its Q60T QLED TV, which delivers an incredible 10.0 ms input lag, making it super strong for gaming.

Dual LED technology ensures coverage of the deepest shadows, the brightest highlights and a wide array of fine colours, all in beautiful 4K Ultra HD.

Best 8K TV: LG 75SM9900PLA 75" LED TV

lg ps5 4k tv
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If you're really serious about getting the very best TV for next-gen gaming, then you're gonna want to venture into the burgeoning world of 8K.

8K TVs are not yet common, but they promise to take over where 4K leaves off just as soon as they're widely affordable and practical. Right now though, our favourite is the LG 75SM9900PLA, which offers incredible 7680 x 4320p visuals on a 75" display at under £3,000. Not bad at all if you've got the wonga.

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