Snag the 2024 Apple MacBook Air at a discounted price

Someone in a blue and yellow jumper putting a Midnight-coloured Apple MacBook into a green rucksack.
Credit: Apple

Someone in a blue and yellow jumper putting a Midnight-coloured Apple MacBook into a green rucksack.
Credit: Apple

The 2024 Apple MacBook Air is the latest in what modern computing can be. With its stunning 15-inch display, cutting-edge processor, and excellent battery life, it's designed to be top of its class. But what makes it so special, at least for today, is the fact it's on sale!

Originally priced at £1,299, this laptop is now available for just £1,189.97. That's over £100 off, and a very good price to pay for what has been one of the best laptops for some years now, with this 2024 model upgrading on its predecessors.

Just because it's on sale doesn't necessarily make it a worthy investment though. But don't worry, we've run through some of its key features below to help you figure out whether or not to buy it.

Apple MacBook Air product image of an open Midnight-coloured laptop with a light and dark blue pattern on the display.
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Credit: Apple

Should you buy the 2024 Apple MacBook Air?

You've probably heard of the MacBook Air already, but what exactly does this 2024 iteration have to offer that makes it worth the investment? Let's explore some of its highlights:

M3 Chip
The new chip combines an 8-core CPU with a 10-core GPU to make it 60% faster than a comparable model with an M1
Retina Display
Its beautiful 15-inch screen is capable of producing up to 500 nits of brightness, supports 1 billion colours, and is just better than most other displays out there
Battery Life
Experience up to 18 hours of battery life to work on the go
You can utilise macOS Sonoma and experience better compatibility with your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple-made products
Environmentally Made
It is the first Apple product to be made with 50% recycled content
It's extremely thin at just 11 millimetres, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around

Those are just the highlights don't forget. There's so much more this laptop has to offer, so don't miss out on the chance to secure it with a nice £100 discount. If you're a MacBook fan, this is a must-have.

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