Jeff Bezos anti-aging research hires top scientists to find immortality

Amazon founder and NASA-suing billionaire Jeff Bezos doesn't seem happy with the concept of death. In order to combat his inevitable end within the next 40 years or so, Bezos is funnelling a lot of money into anti-aging research; like Peter Weyland in Prometheus.

Reported by The Times, Amazon's bald billionaire boy is recruiting top scientists to help find the cure to aging. As part of Bezos’ tech startup Atlos Labs, veteran scientist Hal Barron will now be working on anti-aging medication.

Jeff Bezos wants to find immortality

Atlos Labs’ hiring of Barron is part of a massive wave of decorated scientists coming together to beat aging. Previously, Barron was the Chief Scientific Officer of UK pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.

He is joined by a remarkable team of colleagues including 2012 Nobel prize winner Shinya Yamanaka and 2020 Nobel prize co-winner Jennifer Doudna. The team is also joined by an massive group of other scientists looking to conquer the Grim Reaper.

“I am deeply honored to have been offered this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead such a unique company with a transformative mission to reverse disease,” Barron announced in a press release. “It's clear from work by Shinya Yamanaka, and many others since his initial discoveries, that cells have the ability to rejuvenate, resetting their epigenetic clocks and erasing damage from a myriad of stressors.”

The Bezos-funded company formerly started work on Wednesday. There is currently no announced roadmap for the company's development of an immortality drug.

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More billionaires are funding this

Jeff Bezos isn't the only billionaires pumping money into Atlos Labs’ immortality research, although he is the top dog. Atlos has currently secured its initial round of funding at $3 billion. While the majority of that money is from the Amazon founder, there are others as well.

For example, the research is also funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, a 60-year-old venture capitalist. Milner has hands in a large selection of massive companies including Zynga, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and more.

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