Bionic Eye capable of completely restoring sight will soon enter human trials

In sci-fi media, the idea of a bionic eye has long been a sign of successful biotechnology. The idea of being able to completely restore sight through the use of technology is a noble goal. However, while the sci-fi dream has been mostly realised, it’s far too expensive for most people.

That might be set to change. Reported by completely blind people., a new biotech firm is working on a visual enhancer. Dubbed the Phoenix99 Bionic Eye, the new robotic eye augmentation will soon begin human trials. 

Phoenix99 Bionic Eye starts Human Trials

The Pheonix99 aims to revive vision in humans. Designed for people with severe visual deficiency and victims of blindness, the biotech device should help to restore sight in humans. Additionally, the device will help to combat deadly visual diseases by replacing the eye.

Currently, the visual augmentation has been tested on sheep without issue. The device works by connecting an implant to the eye and a communicative receiver in the skin of the ear. With these two connected, the user can be made to see again.

The Pheonix99 is expected to have fantastic longevity compared to its contemporaries. While device lifespan has yet to be fully explored, the device’s current state is expected to survive uninterrupted for years.

“Importantly, we found the device has a very low impact on the neurons required to ‘trick’ the brain,” said biomedical engineer Samuel Eggenberger. “There were no unexpected reactions from the tissue around the device and we expect it could safely remain in place for many years. “

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A better future

Obviously, the introduction of helpful augmentation is a fantastic revelation for those who require it. Despite work being done to improve quality of life for blind people, we're still not in a position where the world is accessible to them. While audio descriptive media and braille books are more common now then ever, there still isn't enough of it.

Technology like the Pheonix99 Bionic Eye could revolutionise how blindness is treated. In the future, if the tech becomes affordable, bionic eyes might become a commonplace enhancement.

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