Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B - is it worth upgrading?

Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B - An image of the Samsung QN95B TV
Credit: Samsung

Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B - An image of the Samsung QN95B TV
Credit: Samsung

If you're among the many proud owners of the QN95B, wondering if its successor is truly worth the upgrade, we have put together an informative Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B guide to help you make an informed decision.

The Samsung QN95B QLED TV was among the best TVs released last year. However, with the arrival of its successor, the QN95C, Samsung has managed to raise the bar even higher, bringing a host of improvements to an already impressive Mini-LED TV.

In this Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B comparison guide, we aim to help you determine whether it's worth taking the leap to the latest iteration or if sticking with your current model is the way to go.

Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B - specs and key differences

Samsung QN95C
Samsung QN95B
Sizes available
55", 65", 75", 85"
55", 65", 75", 85"
3,840 x 2,160
3,840 x 2,160
Refresh Rate
up to 144Hz
up to 144Hz
Local Dimming Zones
1344 zones
720 zones
Input lag

Both QN95C and QN95B share the exact resolutionrefresh rate, and gaming features. The key distinctions between Samsung QN95C and Samsung QN95B lie in the brightness and overall picture quality.

The Samsung QN95C boasts twice the number of local dimming zones compared to the QN95B. With an impressive 1344 separately controlled areas of lighting, this model takes a significant leap forward compared to its predecessor, which features only 720 zones.

The increase in local dimming zones allows for even finer control over light distribution, resulting in deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and a more realistic and immersive viewing experience.

The Samsung QN95C achieves brightness peaks beyond 2000 nits on a 10% screen area white HDR test pattern and manages 805 nits with full-screen bright HDR images. That's truly impressive, as even some of the latest QD-OLED TVs would find it challenging to match those numbers.

Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B - price

Both Samsung QN95B and Samsung QN95C come in four sizes. This variation in size options allows consumers to choose the one that best fits their space and requirements.

Here is the breakdown of the prices of each model:

Samsung QN95C
Samsung QN95B

Please note that the prices of both the Samsung QN95C and Samsung QN95B models may vary based on regions, individual retailers, and any ongoing promotional offers or discounts.

Is it worth upgrading?

The Samsung QN95C represents a substantial improvement over the QN95B in terms of brightness and overall picture clarity. The significant increase in local dimming zones on the successor results in a discernible difference in visual performance.

If you value the enhancements in the new Samsung QN95C model and have the budget for an upgrade, it could be a worthwhile investment. But do bear in mind that these are the only notable improvements over the QN95B.

However, if you are already content with the performance of your beloved QN95B and don't feel the need for the showcased improvements in the QN95C, you may find that sticking with your current TV is a perfectly reasonable choice.

And that concludes our Samsung QN95C vs Samsung QN95B comparison. If you are considering the new model as your ultimate movie and gaming TV, be sure to explore the best gaming setting for Samsung QN95C.

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