Panasonic Z93A OLED - release date, specs, and everything we know

An image of the Panasonic Z93A OLED TV

An image of the Panasonic Z93A OLED TV

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The Panasonic Z93A OLED TV, announced alongside the Z95A at CES 2024, has quickly become a focal point for tech enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Engineered to satisfy the demands of both cinephiles and gaming enthusiasts, the Panasonic Z93A is strategically designed to appeal to a diverse range of users.

This guide delves into everything we currently know about the Panasonic Z93A OLED TV, from its anticipated release date to its impressive array of specs.

Panasonic Z93A OLED TV specs

Panasonic Z93A
Panel Technology
Refresh Rate
144 Hz
Peak Brightness
3,000 Nits
Gaming Features
HDMI 2.1, VRR, and Dolby Vision IQ
Additional Features
Built-in Fire TV, Dolby Atmos, and more

The Panasonic Z93A OLED TV is a flagship device that boasts a 4K resolution and an impressive 144Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for both high-definition viewing and responsive gaming experiences.

Notably, the OLED TV stands out as one of the first television models to integrate Amazon's Fire TV, providing a seamless and rich smart TV experience. The Z93A is available in a 77-inch model, catering to users seeking a larger display.

At the heart of the Panasonic Z93A OLED TV is the HCX Pro AI Processor MK II. This advanced processor drives the 4K Remaster Engine, enhancing streaming picture clarity through a synergy of AI and mathematical models.

The Panasonic Z93A is equipped with the Master OLED Pro Cinema panel, which incorporates a 2nd-gen MLA OLED panel. This advanced panel technology enables the TV to achieve a peak HDR brightness of 3,000 nits and a brightness of 1,500 nits for individual colours.

For audio, the Z93A includes a soundbar supporting Dolby Atmos and "360-Soundscape-Pro" virtual surround sound. Although Panasonic has not specified the exact performance or speaker configuration, the soundbar is said to feature at least 20 drivers.

The Panasonic Z93A is well-suited for gamers, featuring HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision IQ and VRR, along with an ultra-low input lag for responsive gameplay. Additionally, it boasts a dedicated Game Control Board for quick adjustments of gaming features.

Panasonic Z93A OLED TV release date and price

Currently, there is no confirmed information available regarding the release date and pricing of the Panasonic Z93A OLED TV. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with the latest information as soon as it is officially announced.

That covers everything about the Panasonic Z93A OLED TV. While you're here, feel free to explore our guides on the best TV brands and our best TV deals of 2024.

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