LG G3 OLED - price, specs, reviews, gaming and more

LG G3 OLED - price, specs, reviews and more
Credit: LG

LG G3 OLED - price, specs, reviews and more
Credit: LG

LG, widely recognized as one of the best TV brands in the world, unveiled the highly anticipated LG G3 OLED TV in March 2023.

LG G3 OLED combines top-of-the-line OLED evo performance with a stunning, gallery-worthy design. This premium television stands out as the brightest OLED TV ever produced by the company, surpassing its predecessor, the LG G2 OLED TV, with notable enhancements.

In this guide, we'll explore every aspect of the LG G3 OLED TV, providing you with detailed information on its price, specifications, reviews, and more.

LG G3 OLED specs

Spiderman on the LG G3 OLED TV
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Credit: SpawnPoiint on Twitter
55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches, and 83 inches
Refresh Rate
120 Hz
Response time
0.1 ms
webOS 23
Gaming features
NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR.

LG G3 OLED is powered by its Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor, which delivers an astonishing native 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth and fluid motion for a captivating viewing experience.

With the innovative Brightness Booster Max, the LG G3 OLED TV achieves up to 70% brighter images, providing luminous and high-contrast picture quality that remains impressive even in well-lit rooms.

Powered by webOS 23, LG G3 OLED allows you to effortlessly navigate through a vast range of streaming services, apps, and content. Enjoy instant access to popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, as well as a multitude of other applications.

Additionally, the LG G3 OLED TV utilizes advanced AI technology to enhance your viewing pleasure. By intelligently sensing the content you're watching, it automatically selects the optimal picture and sound settings.

Overall, LG G3 OLED showcases a remarkable array of specifications that contribute to its status as a top-tier television. With its cutting-edge features and advanced technology, this TV offers an immersive viewing experience.

LG G3 OLED price

Featuring an impressive lineup of four size options, each with its own price tag.

Starting at $2499, the LG G3 OLED base model boasts a generous 55 inches, while the top-of-the-line 83-inch variant commands a price of $6499.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the LG G3 OLED TV models and their corresponding prices:

Model Number
Screen Size
55 inches
65 inches
77 inches
83 inches

Whether you opt for the 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch, or 83-inch variant, rest assured that the LG G3 OLED TV will deliver exceptional picture quality, vibrant colours, and stunning detail that will bring your favourite movies, shows, and games to life.

LG G3 OLED reviews

The LG G3 OLED TV in a living room
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Credit: SpawnPoiint on Twitter

When it comes to the LG G3 OLED TV, experts have bestowed it with high praise and commendable review scores.

One notable source, RTINGS.com, has awarded the LG G3 OLED TV an impressive review score of 9.1. This outstanding rating is a testament to the TV's exceptional performance, remarkable picture quality, and advanced features.

The review highlights the TV's impressive brightness in both SDR and HDR content, making it suitable for a wide range of viewing experiences, from TV shows to the latest blockbuster movies.

RTINGS also lauds the TV's incredibly low input lag and response time, making it a top choice gaming TV for gaming enthusiasts seeking instantaneous response times.

Is LG G3 OLED good for gaming?

LG G3 OLED boasts an astonishingly low 0.1 ms response time. This exceptional response time ensures minimal blur and ghosting, allowing you to enjoy fast-paced action and fluid visuals without any compromise.

Gaming enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the LG G3 OLED TV is equipped with NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technologies.

These display technologies work in perfect harmony to eliminate screen tearing, reduce input lag, and maintain synchronicity between the display and your gaming console or PC.

Overall, LG G3 OLED TV's exceptional refresh rate, swift response time, and gaming-focused technologies make it one of the best gaming TVs in 2023.

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