Tesla driver charged with manslaughter for Autopilot deaths

Tesla's full self-driving artificial intelligence software has been drenched in controversy. In the past, the AI has been distracted by The Moon and swerved towards civilians. Unfortunately, the Tesla AI has also resorted in deaths.

Tesla Autopilot results in two manslaughter charges

Reported by The Associated Press, a Tesla driver has been charged with two counts of manslaughter due to deaths involving the self-driving software. The driver was charged after their car ran a red light back in 2019, resulting in the deaths of two people.

The charges were filed by Los Angeles County prosecutors way back in October. In response to the charges, 27-year-old driver, Kevin George Aziz Riad, pleaded not guilty to the two manslaughter charges. They are currently out on bail.

Riad's case is not the first case to revolve around autonomous vehicles. However, it is the first to revolve around such a wide-used release like Tesla’s full self-driving. Previously, Uber was involved in an experiment that caused a death, resulting in a court case. 

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The Start of Automation Regulation

Tesla's automated driving functionality is currently being investigated by numerous agencies due to safety concerns. As even Tesla employees come out to fight against the AI driving software, automated driving has become a controversial topic.

With over 760,000 Teslas using Autopilot out on United States roads, it’s the most popular form of automated driving. As such, it's going to be the most scrutinised, especially as more mistakes and accidents occur.

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