Suicide Booth with AI-powered ‘mental capacity test’ approved in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the few countries to fully support physician-assisted euthanasia. While doctors have often held the burden of helping individuals move on, soon they will be taken out of the equation. In order to alleviate the burden on doctors, a non-profit has created a “suicide booth”.

Switzerland non-profit creates Suicide Booth

Created by pro-euthanasia non-profit Exit International, the “Sarco” Suicide Chamber is being offered as an alternative method. The 3D-printed chamber aims to give patients choice over their own lives without requiring a doctor to help them on their way.

Currently, Swiss doctors have to confirm a patient’s mental state to confirm that they're in the right mindset to end their life. In comparison, the Sarco is built around an AI-powered mental capacity test similar to the one used by doctors. This AI will decide if an individual will be allowed to use the chamber.

Additionally, the method of death is different between the two options. For example, doctor assisted euthanasia is done via the administration of sodium pentobarbital. On the other hand, Sarco uses nitrogen gas that is released at the will of the individual.

Talking to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, Exit International founder Dr. Philip Nitschke said the new method is painless. He said: “There is no panic, no choking feeling."

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Sarco Suicide Booth Switzerland
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Sarco approved by Swiss Authorities

The Sarco has already been approved for use by Swiss authorities. Exit International is planning for the suicide booth to launch locally in 2022. If successful, the hardware could also move into other countries that support euthanasia.

Exit International explains that the machine can be taken to specific locations where individuals wish to pass. For example, a person can choose to die at a beautiful beach or a lush forest. However, it hasn't been explained if the machine can be taken outside of Switzerland to die abroad.

Nevertheless, for those who support assisted dying, the de-medicalisation of suicide allows for far more freedom than ever before. Now, individuals can pass in peace where they wish instead of in a clinical facility.

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