Meta reveals AI supercomputer designed to power The Metaverse

Facebook, now Meta, is going all in on its plans to realise The Metaverse, despite already losing billions on the project. Nevertheless, the company is pushing towards, investing even more money in the mixed reality platform.

Via Singularity Hub, Meta is working on a new AI supercomputer that will be used to power its Metaverse. Of course, as this is the formerly Facebook company, that supercomputer will be used for multiple other ventures.

Meta and the AI supercomputer

Meta’s AI Research Supercluster (RSC) is planned to be the fastest AI supercomputer in the world. Currently, in its formerly complete state, the AI supercomputer is already one of the most powerful machines in history.

The social media company explains that the RSC will be used to build its metaverse project. As the fully VR platform aims to connect billions in fully 3D worlds, a lot of processing power will be needed to realise it.

“In the metaverse, it’s one hundred percent of the time a 3D multi-sensorial experience, and you need to create artificial-intelligence agents in that environment that are relevant to you,” Jerome Pesenti, Meta’s VP of AI, said.

Of course, Facebook’s metaverse isn't going to look anywhere near as good as sci-fi versions of metaverses. For example, Ready Player One shows a metaverse that looks almost life-like. Facebook's version, Horizon Worlds, is closer to VR Chat.

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What else will it be used for?

Meta claims that its in-development supercomputer is going to be used for almost every product the company works on. While metaverse development is the priority for the social media company, the computer will be used in multiple different industries.

For example, the company claims that the AI Research Supercluster will be used to further robotics technology. While Meta isn't known for robotics, the supercomputer could be outsourced for partnerships in that field.

Additionally, AI Research Supercluster will be used for, will, AI Research. The company explains that it wants to use the supercomputer to create its universal real-time speech translator, a product designed for its metaverse.

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