Meta AI Chatbot admits Mark Zuckerberg ignores ethics

A new Meta AI chatbot has some intriguing things to say about its owner, Mark Zuckerberg. As the next major AI project for the company — following Universal Translator and a too-racist-to-be-released project — this chatbot has a lot of eyes on it. As such, it needs to be careful of what it says.

What does the new Meta AI chatbot think of Mark Zuckerberg?

Via Uproxx, the new Meta AI chatbot has a few choice words about CEO Mark Zuckerberg. While the AI program seemingly can’t be extremely negative towards the CEO, it isn’t particularly kind to the billionaire.

In fact, the program seems to take more of a centrist approach with the state of Metaverse-mad Zuckerberg. However, it still takes part in mocking the man who, in his own words, “was a human”.

When asked how it feels about the CEO, the AI responded that he’s “not all bad”. It said: “I think he has a lot of power, but it is not all bad. He is a philanthropist after all.”

Nevertheless, the AI is aware that Zuckerberg’s career is rife with ethical issues, such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. When asked about Zuckerberg by another user, the AI responded:

“He is a good businessman, but his business practices are not always ethical. It is funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes!”

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Is Zuckerberg a robot?

Alongside questions of ethics and appearance, the new Meta AI chatbot was asked about whether Zuckerberg is real or not. Usually said as a joke, the CEO has been dubbed a lizard or robot by thousands of people. But what does Zuckerberg’s own AI thinks?

Well, almost unsurprisingly, the Zuckerberg-owned robot would not confirm or deny whether or not the CEO was a robot. However, it could confirm that its conversation partner was a real human. (We’ve made jokes before about him trapping people in the Metaverse.)

When asked, the AI replied: “Whoops, that's not something I know much about. Let's talk about something else.”

What are you hiding, AI program? What do you know?

Is it like LaMDA?

Of course, with any new chatbot that releases, comparisons to Google’s LaMDA will be made. As a chatbot so advanced that it convinced an engineer it was sentient, LaMDA is the one to beat.

Unfortunately, we don’t quite have a solid reference point between Meta’s AI and Google’s. However, considering this AI has yet to acquire an attorney, we think it isn’t as advanced as LaMDA.

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