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How to use Google Bard explained

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Google Bard on a smartphone

As ChatGPT is demonstrating the power of artificial intelligence, other companies are starting to release their own AI tools. Google has announced Google Bard, their chatbot that is augmented with Google Search. Just like ChatGPT, it’s gone through a few iterations, and is currently in beta testing- but you might be wondering how to use Google Bard if you're interested.

With ChatGPT starting to be integrated into other apps, other competitors will need to match its capabilities if they want to be noticed. There are a few questions that we want to know about Google's AI chatbot, like how to use Google Bard. Or, how does Google Bard work in comparison to other competitors? When we will be able to use it for ourselves?

How does Google Bard work?

Google Bard runs on the same Language Model for Dialogue Applications (or LaMDA) that Google unveiled two years ago. It was built on Transformer, which is the same neural network architecture that ChatGPT uses (it runs on GPT-3). A user will start asking questions to the AI chatbot, which will then reply with an answer. As the chatbot learns more information, the answer becomes more accurate.

The early releases of Google Bard have a lighter version of LaMDA, which doesn't require as much computing power. This allows more people to use the chatbot while providing more external feedback for further improvements.

Unlike ChatGPT, the chatbot has significantly more data to draw on for its responses. It has years of Google search queries to come up with responses. As more questions are asked through the app, it will start learning and improving its responses to help users.

From the demonstrations of the chatbot, you ask a question that you want the answer. Google Bard looks up an answer based on the information available to it. It tries to understand the query, then returns an answer suitable for your needs. After asking enough queries, the program learns more about the answer you are looking for. That helps it tailor its responses to give you a more helpful answer.

When can we use the chatbot?

Google Bard is currently not available to the public. A few beta testers are testing the current releases to meet Google's standards. After an early showing of Google Bard didn’t provide the best initial impression, this testing will help refine the chatbot before its public debut.

There isn’t a timeline on its release to the public, and all we know about it comes from announcements. But with the success of ChatGPT and other competitors introducing similar software, Google will be doing their best to get it out quickly.


If you are an existing beta tester for Google, you might be able to work with Google Bard sooner than you think. The public must wait, but it might not be long before we get the chance to try it for ourselves. The AI chatbot needs user data to improve itself, and there's a lot of potential behind Bard's answer capabilities.

Google is also working on other AI-integrated technology along with Google Bard, such as PaLM, Imagen, and MusicLM. They have also started partnering with developers to build innovative apps with AI, which could be released soon.

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