How to use Dream Track AI

How to use Dream Track AI - An image of the Dream Track AI tool on phone

How to use Dream Track AI - An image of the Dream Track AI tool on phone

Recently, YouTube and Google DeepMind announced their foray into music generation AI with Dream Track. Since its launch, there's been a surge of interest in trying out the tool, but many people have no idea how to use Dream Track AI.

We've experienced the marvels of AI in text generation through platforms like ChatGPT and Character AI, and witnessed its prowess in image generation with tools like MidJourney and Dall-E. Now, the realm of music generation welcomes its own AI innovation with Dream Track, bringing a new dimension to AI's capabilities.

This guide will explore how to use Dream Track AI, a pioneering tool in the music generation field, bringing the creative power of AI to the YouTube Shorts platform.

How to use Dream Track AI

To use Dream Track AI, go to YouTube Shorts and select the “Create” option. Next, input details like the song's theme (description), mood, genre, and desired instruments, and then choose from a carousel of participating artists.

The tool, using the Lyria model, generates a 30-second soundtrack from your input, including lyrics, backing track, and voice, all styled after the chosen artist. Once created, you can use this soundtrack in your YouTube Shorts.

Currently, Dream Track AI is still in the experimental phase and available exclusively to a select group of creators in the United States. It's unclear when the tool will become publicly available and whether it will be exclusive to YouTube Premium users.

What is Dream Track?

Dream Track is a music generation AI, created jointly by YouTube and Google DeepMind, and it's available for use within the YouTube Shorts platform. The tool is powered by Lyria, Google DeepMind’s most advanced music generation model to date.

Currently, Dream Track has collaborated with 9 artists, allowing you to create music using their distinct voices and styles. As Dream Track moves out of its experimental phase, the roster of artists available on the platform is expected to grow.

And that covers everything about Dream Track AI and how to use it. While you are here, make sure you check out the release date of Google Gemini and find out how to login to Google Gemini.

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