Government proposes AI Teachers teach kids instead of humans

As the UK’s Tory government campaign heats up, prospective conservative leader Rishi Sinai has proposed a baffling idea: AI Teachers. But what does this campaign idea mean and is it even possible?

AI Teachers in UK schools

As part of a list of promises — including one to take money out of poor urban areas and into rich rural ones — Sunak proposed the creation of AI teachers. A wild idea, these computer lecturers would be placed in schools to reduce human burden.

Sunak, who is fighting to be Britain’s Prime Minister, included the idea in part of his school reform manifesto. The collection of ideas, in Sunak’s mind, will “radically reform education to put British kids ahead”.

Sunak claims that AI teaching will give every child a “world-class education”. The technology will allegedly “inspire children” and reduce the workload of teachers substantially.

Similar to the rest of Sunak’s policies, very little thought has been put into the idea. AI teachers may be a good buzzword, but no details are available on what the AI is or how it would be implemented.

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AI from the British Re-Education Camp guy

What’s even more concerning is how AI teachers would work under Sunak’s rule. With the ongoing leadership campaign, the politician has expressed an interest in acting upon “thought crimes”.

As part of the Prevent program, Sunak proposed forced re-education centres for those who “vilify Britain”. Essentially, those who are seen to have “an extreme hatred of Britain” would be re-educated to love the country.

As is obvious, having AI teachers from a man who wants to force everyone to love Britain under conservative rule is terrifying. As children are the most easily indoctrinated, these virtual teachers could easily convince schoolchildren whatever they want.

1984, much? Yes, we think so.

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