Former Pokémon artist criticizes AI art generators

AI art generators are becoming a huge hit on social media, and human artists are unhappy. Following the massive success of art from Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, one famous Pokemon artist expressed disdain at the technology.

Of course, human artists still have a place within the art world. However, many are scared that the world is quickly replacing them with automated machines

Pokémon artist isn’t a fan of AI art generators

RJ Palmer, who worked on Pokémon Detective Pikachu, recently criticized the way these AI art generators create images. Specifically, Palmer criticised new program Stable Diffusion, an AI art program that can copy the styles of real artists.

Stable Diffusion’s copying was so en point that it would almost put original watermarks on the generated images. Despite how cool some of these AI art generators can be, it’s hard to disagree with RJ here.

“What makes this AI different is that it's explicitly trained on current working artists. You can see below that the AI generated image(left) even tried to recreate the artist's logo of the artist it ripped off,” Palmer explains on Twitter. “This thing wants our jobs, its actively anti-artist.”

Though some of the commenters opted to make fun of Palmer for mean-spirited reasons, Palmer does have a point here. As fun as these AI art generators can be, it must be annoying for artists to see their style so blatantly copied when someone decides they want to see something funny.

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Justice for artists

Thankfully, it appears that there is some justice on social media after all, as RJ Palmer reveals that the AI art generator he talked about had its Twitter account suspended. Admittedly, there are other AI art generators out there but this is a solid enough win for the former Pokémon artist and other artists in general.

We don’t think all AI art generators or image generators are bad but it’s hard not to feel for the artists who see their styles copied. Now that this particular generator was taken down, we can hopefully see some more original art from these AI. While not always the best-looking pieces of art, the more unrefined ones tend to be funnier.

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