Is Copilot Pro worth buying?

Copilot Pro interfaces

Copilot Pro interfaces

If you're wondering whether Copilot Pro is worth buying, you're in the right place. Microsoft Copilot has long been a favorite for those seeking to leverage OpenAI's advanced ChatGPT Plus without a monthly subscription fee.

However, the introduction of Copilot Pro brings forth a new subscription model with lots of features, as well as deeper integration into Microsoft's suite of products. In this guide, we'll take you through how Copilot Pro differs from the free version, and tell you whether Copilot Pro is worth buying.

Before we dive into the guide, you might be curious to learn how ChatGPT works. Also, here's how to use Microsoft Copilot in Word.

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Copilot Pro - Is it worth buying?

Copilot Pro is here, and it's packed with features. It comes with a subscription cost of $20 per month per user, mirroring the pricing structures of other AI models like ChatGPT Plus and Claude Pro. But how far will $20 really take you?

If you use Microsoft products a lot, you might get more use out of the application, as Copilot Pro seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, enhancing its functionality within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote across PC, Mac, and iPad.

Subscribers to Copilot Pro enjoy priority access to the latest GPT models, and receive additional Image Creator from Designer boost credits, now extended to 100 credits per day.

One of the standout features is the ability to create custom Copilot GPTs tailored for specific purposes. This functionality mirrors OpenAI's custom GPTs but within the Copilot environment.

Here's what you need to consider before making the purchase:

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  • Deeper Integration vs. General Usage: Ask yourself whether the deeper integration with Microsoft 365 justifies the subscription cost, especially if you predominantly use Copilot for general AI tasks rather than specific software integration.
  • Comparison with Other Tools: By comparing Copilot Pro's value against other AI tools available in the market, the $20 subscription might only be justified for users heavily invested in Microsoft's ecosystem.
  • Custom Copilot GPTs Usage: If you want to create custom Copilot GPTs for specialised tasks, you can benefit from the Pro model for certain cases.
  • Updates and Future Developments: The free version of Copilot will continue to receive updates to expand its utility. So, if simple old Copilot works for you, is there really a need to upgrade?

While Copilot Pro introduces additional features and faster updates, the decision to purchase depends on your individual needs. If the enhanced Microsoft integration and features look like something you would be using regularly, the $20 subscription fee is a worthwhile investment.

However, if you're just seeking GPT-4 access without additional functionalities, the free version of Copilot remains a powerful tool - and you can save your money.

That's the end of our guide on whether Copilot Pro is worth buying or not. Hopefully, now you have a better idea about the AI tool, and can decide whether you want to spend your money on it.

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