How to fix the "Error sending code" issue in Claude

Claude "Error sending code" - An image of the logo of Claude AI

Claude "Error sending code" - An image of the logo of Claude AI

If you are encountering the "Error sending code" message while trying to verify your mobile number during the Claude AI sign-up process, we have some proven troubleshooting tips for you.

As one of the best ChatGPT alternatives, Claude AI has attracted a substantial user base, especially when ChatGPT is not working. Many individuals turn to Claude AI for its distinct features and capabilities, only to find themselves hindered by this frustrating error during the mobile verification process.

This guide is designed to address precisely that issue, ensuring that you can navigate this obstacle smoothly and gain access to all that Claude AI has to offer. But, before that, check out the best AI chatbots.

How to fix the "Error sending code" issue in Claude AI

To fix the "Error sending code" issue in Claude AI, sign up with your Google account rather than your email, and subsequently provide your phone number. This solution was reported effective by a user on Reddit, so it might be worth trying.

To address the "Error sending code" issue in Claude AI, follow these comprehensive steps:

  • Navigate to the Claude AI website and choose the option “Continue with Google” for the sign-up process.
  • Enter your phone number when prompted, and subsequently input the OTP received on your phone.
  • Verify your age by ticking the checkbox to confirm you are at least 18 years old.
  • Finalize the process by clicking on "Verify & Create Account" to complete your registration and begin using Claude AI.

It might seem obvious, but double-check that you've selected the correct country flag when entering your phone number. Also, avoid including the country code in the number itself, as the purpose of selecting the country flag is to automatically account for this.

Another solution, as suggested by a user on Reddit, entails employing a VPN to match the location with the phone number's country. While it might appear redundant, this strategy has been reported to be effective according to the user's experience.

That covers everything about the "Error sending code" issue in Claude AI. Hope you found this guide helpful. Should these solutions prove unsuccessful, consider exploring alternatives such as ChatGPT or Google Bard (Google Gemini) for your needs.

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