How to fix ChatGPT "Unauthorized" error

An image of the ChatGPT "Unauthorized" error on the mobile app

An image of the ChatGPT "Unauthorized" error on the mobile app

If you're experiencing the "Unauthorized" error in the ChatGPT mobile app or web during your interactions with the chatbot, you're not alone. Recently, numerous ChatGPT users have encountered this issue, suggesting it is a widespread problem.

Despite ChatGPT's status as the best AI chatbot on the market, it is not without its flaws. It is not uncommon for users to encounter issues such as "Error in moderation" or "Error validating credentials" on the ChatGPT app.

Our guide aims to provide you with clear, actionable steps to get back to your conversations as smoothly and quickly as possible. But, before that, make sure you check out ChatGPT Plus.

How to fix the ChatGPT "Unauthorized" error

To fix the ChatGPT "Unauthorized" error, you need to refresh your session or re-authenticate as this error suggests your current session has become invalid or expired. This can be done by restarting the app or refreshing the web.

If you are using a VPN, try changing the server node, as this user suggested. Another user recommends deleting all cookies and temporarily disabling all your extensions, particularly ad blockers. You might also want to try switching your network (use your mobile hotspot).

If the issue persists, the ChatGPT servers may be down or experiencing difficulties. To verify this, you should check the ChatGPT server status. In case it is a server issue, wait until the servers are back online and operational.

During the downtime, consider exploring alternatives to ChatGPT for your needs. Options such as Character AI and Google Bard (aka Google Gemini) offer similar functionalities and can serve as temporary replacements.

What is the "Unauthorized" error in ChatGPT?

The "Unauthorized" error in ChatGPT typically indicates an unexpected session expiry, possibly resulting from server problems, rendering you unauthorized to proceed with the conversation until you renew your session.

This error commonly arises in the ChatGPT app - both the Android and iPhone versions. The "Unauthorized" error in the app is akin to the "Either the engine you requested does not exist or there was another issue processing your request" error on the web version.

That covers everything about the "Unauthorized" error in ChatGPT. We hope you found our guide helpful. While you are here, make sure you explore our other ChatGPT guides, including the best plugins and the ChatGPT DAN.

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