How to Use ChatGPT Memory

An image of the memory feature menu in ChatGPT

An image of the memory feature menu in ChatGPT

OpenAI began testing the memory feature in February 2024, initially offering it to a select group of ChatGPT Free and Plus users. As of April, OpenAI has officially rolled out the memory feature to all ChatGPT users.

The memory feature is definitely a game-changer, significantly reducing hassle. By remembering things you discuss across all chats, ChatGPT saves you from having to repeat information, making future conversations more efficient and helpful.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about harnessing the power of ChatGPT's memory capability. But, before that, you might want to how to bypass the ChatGPT filter.

What Is the Memory Feature in ChatGPT?

The memory feature in ChatGPT allows the model to remember information across different conversations with the same user. This means that ChatGPT can recall details from previous chats to provide a more personalised and coherent interaction over time.

For instance, if you've previously shared with ChatGPT that you have a toddler who adores jellyfish, the next time you seek assistance in crafting her birthday card, ChatGPT may suggest a playful illustration of a jellyfish wearing a party hat.

Here’s how it generally works:

  • Memory storage: When you share details or preferences in conversation, ChatGPT remembers these details to bring them up or use them in future interactions.
  • Memory recall: In subsequent conversations, ChatGPT can reference this stored information to make the discussion more relevant and tailored to your interests.

The memory feature is optional and disabled by default, respecting users' privacy concerns. Moreover, you have full control over this feature; you can easily review what information the model remembers and delete any details you prefer not to be retained.

How to Use the ChatGPT Memory Feature

To use the memory feature in ChatGPT, you must first enable it. You can do so by accessing the Settings menu, selecting Personalization, and toggling the switch next to "Memory" to activate this functionality.

Once activated, ChatGPT will autonomously remember information it deems relevant. You can then access and manage these memories at your discretion in settings (Settings > Personalization > Manage Memory).

If you prefer to keep the memory feature enabled but have a conversation about something you'd rather ChatGPT not remember, you can use the new temporary chat feature, which you can access by clicking on the ChatGPT engine icon at the top left corner.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on the new memory feature in ChatGPT. We hope you found this guide informational. Before heading off, check out our other helpful guide, including how to use ChatGPT DAN.

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