How to fix ChatGPT "Error validating credentials" issue

ChatGPT "Error validating credentials" - An image of the ChatGPT app on mobile

ChatGPT "Error validating credentials" - An image of the ChatGPT app on mobile

If you are encountering ChatGPT "Error validating credentials" while using the Android or iOS app, we have got you covered.

This common issue can hinder both new and seasoned users, much like other familiar ChatGPT errors including the "Our systems are a bit busy at the moment" and "ChatGPT is at capacity" messages.

In this guide we'll walk you through a series of steps to diagnose and address this error effectively, ensuring that your interaction with AI services is as smooth and uninterrupted as possible.

How to fix the ChatGPT "Error validating credentials" issue

To fix the issue of ChatGPT "Error validating credentials", start by checking if ChatGPT is down, as this problem occurs when the app fails to authenticate the session with the server due to server-side issues.

If the servers are confirmed to be down, your best course of action is usually to wait until the server is operational again. Service providers often work quickly to resolve such issues and restore normal service.

Keep an eye on OpenAI's status page for updates on the situation. In the meantime, you can rely on ChatGPT alternatives like Google Bard, Bing AI, or Elon Musk's Grok AI for your work or research until the service is restored.

What does "Error validating credentials" mean on ChatGPT?

The "Error validating credentials" message on the ChatGPT mobile app indicates that the app is unable to communicate with the server to confirm your authentication status. Let us explain in detail.

Each time you interact with the app, it sends your authentication token to the server. The server checks this token to confirm your identity and the validity of your session.

However, if the server is down or not functioning correctly, it cannot perform this validation check. As a result, the app's request to verify your token cannot be completed.

And that covers everything about theChatGPT "Error validating credentials" issue. While you are here, make sure you learn how to access ChatGPT 4 Turbo.

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