ChatGPT-4o - What Is It and Is It Free?

An image of the ChatGPT-4o
Credit: OpenAI

An image of the ChatGPT-4o
Credit: OpenAI

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The major announcement at the OpenAI Spring Update event was ChatGPT-4o. While the presentation was interesting and demonstrated the capabilities of the model, many people are still wondering: what exactly is ChatGPT-4o?

ChatGPT-4o, the latest and most advanced model from OpenAI, is a step towards much more natural human-computer interaction. This cutting-edge AI brings significant improvements in speed, cost-efficiency, and capability.

In this guide, we will share everything you need to know about ChatGPT-4o, including its key features, how it differs from previous models, and its availability and pricing. Let's find out how it makes ChatGPT the best AI chatbot available today.

What Is ChatGPT-4o?

ChatGPT-4o is an improved and more versatile version of GPT-4. The "o" in 4o stands for "omni," highlighting its ability to handle various input and output formats. This advanced model accepts text, audio, image, and video inputs, and can generate responses in the form of text, audio, and images.

What Is the ChatGPT-4o Release Date?

ChatGPT-4o has already been released. The Omni model was launched during OpenAI's Spring Update event on May 13, 2024, and is now available for use. You can access ChatGPT-4o through the web, as well as via dedicated apps for iPhone and Android, and desktop apps for Mac and Windows.

Is ChatGPT-4o Free?

Yes, ChatGPT-4o is available for free to all users. However, there are some limitations on the number of interactions free users can have. ChatGPT Plus subscribers will enjoy significantly higher usage limits, up to five times greater than those of free users. Team and Enterprise users will have even more extensive access.

Is GPT-4o Better than GPT-4 Turbo?

GPT-4o is 2x faster, half the price, and has 5x higher rate limits compared to GPT-4 Turbo. It matches GPT-4 Turbo performance on English text and coding, with significant improvements in non-English languages. Additionally, it sets new benchmarks in multilingual, audio, and vision capabilities.

That covers everything about ChatGPT-4o. We hope our guide provided you with a clear understanding of this advanced model. Before you go, make sure to check out our other ChatGPT guides, including tips on jailbreak prompts and more.

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