AI lethal weapons are too dangerous for humanity, claims AI expert

The introduction of artificial intelligence in weaponry has resulted in some terrifying machines. For example, Israel's AI lethal weapons include a remote controlled Sniper Rifle that uses AI compensation to dispatch targets miles away. Additionally, the United States military is using artificial intelligence to create lock on scopes for its assault rifles.

Amid it all, AI expert Stuart Russell has decided to speak out against the increasingly dangerous AI lethal weapons. Reported by Financial Times, the computer scientist has met with the UK’s Ministry of Defence to warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Stuart Russell on AI lethal weapons

Known for penning academic AI texts over two decades ago, Russell is turning his focus towards modern issues. Namely: the introduction of AI in military technologies that pose real danger to humans.

The AI expert warns that crafting intelligent weapons could result in human extinction. Russell isn't alone in this worry. For example, last week, over 400 German AI researchers wrote an open letter calling for the end of AI weapons.

The letter says:

“The killing of humans should never be automated based on algorithmic formulas. Such dehumanisation of life and death decision-making by autonomous weapons systems must be outlawed worldwide.”

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Too easy to acquire

Russell’s battle against the use of AI-enhanced weaponry seems futile. In recent months, we've already seen killer robot dogs and massive military drone engines all enhanced with AI. Additionally, Russell himself claims that these weapons are “small, cheap, and easily manufactured”. Furthermore, he claims that you “can buy them today. They are advertised on the web.”

At the moment, Russell believes the  “inevitable endpoint is that autonomous weapons” that harm humanity. In order to protect humanity, the AI expert is attempting to convince world powers to abandon intelligent weaponry. Will it work?

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