AI singer enrolls in China’s most prestigious music academy

We’ve witnessed a rise in virtual celebrities lately, with VTubers and AI singers becoming a big hit with various audiences. Conversely, a Chinese music institution has “enrolled” an AI singer, which has managed to gain a lot of interest from the country.

On one hand, it’s weird how this Chinese music constitution is going to enroll an AI singer since they’re not real. However, China has been working on getting more “digital humans” for their version of the metaverse, so this makes sense.

Is this AI singer special?

According to SCMP, the AI singer is named Luya and was developed by iFLYTEK earlier this month, getting people talking. Luya has been described as someone who loves music, which makes sense since that’s her profession, but wants to improve.

“She hopes to receive more professional training at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to better work in the music industry, produce more pleasing music and pursue new musical possibilities,” the company said.

Despite the fact that Luya isn’t a real person, it will be interesting to see how people react to her. Only time will tell if this ends up being a good decision since we assume real people are envious.

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How Luya’s classmates reacted

While some of us have doubts about an AI singer getting enrolled into a school, Luya’s classmates seem to like her. Unlike a lot of people, the students in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music have accepted Luta with arms wide open.

“I’ve heard her songs, gentle but strong. I like this kind of music, it is powerful. I think I have been moved by her music,” a female student said.

Interestingly enough, she’s also popular with the male students, as one vouched for her being the school campus’ belle of their grade. A male student said: “She is beautiful and her voice is sweet. I am addicted to her. I recommend her to be the campus belle of our grade.”

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