World War Hulk movie reportedly in development at Marvel Studios

Out of the six original Avengers, fans have often decried that Bruce Banner has been overlooked. While the character was the protagonist of the first MCU solo movies, his appearances afterwards have always been tied to other characters. However, that might be set to change with World War Hulk.

Marvel's plans for Phase 4 will crack open the Marvel universe, exploring the franchise's weirder aspects. On top of multiverse shenanigans, the MCU will explore vampires, demons and more. Additionally, there are more plans to explore The Hulk.

Is Marvel making a World War Hulk movie?

A report by GWW claims that a World War Hulk movie is in development at Marvel Studios, but it won't be seen for a while. With Marvel's entire production schedule already shifted, the new movie is expected to start production in late 2022. Additionally, the movie’s release date is said to be late 2023 or early 2024.

Importantly, the movie is said to not be a complete adaptation of its comic book namesake. In the comics, the storyline sees a planet completely populated by Hulks. While this could happen naturally, it would make more sense for the MCU’s adaptation to use multiverse Hulks to make the storyline occur.

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Marvel is developing more Hulk content

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally attempting to correct its luck of focus on The Hulk. With the upcoming She-Hulk TV show, Marvel will be incorporating some of the extended Hulk universe. With this in mind, it wouldn't be too surprising to see World War Hulk in the future.

However, the MCU’s current version of Bruce Banner has already become Professor Hulk. Will Marvel attempt to undo this? Maybe Professor Hulk will get a power buff? Perhaps the multiverse will be integral to the story?

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