Why a Disney+ KOTOR show should focus on Revan

It seems everything is hotting up in The Old Republic at the moment. It was revealed today that Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) will potentially receive a long-awaited remake. Earlier this week it was also reported that Disney was considering creating a Star Wars TV series focused on Revan - you know, the baddie and main character in KOTOR.

Whatever happens, we certainly hope The Old Republic could be a potential source of inspiration for Disney’s shows going forward. It’s a darker period in the Star Wars lore that features more Jedi and Sith fights. The Old Republic lore also expands more on the Sith in general, providing more details about the Orders inspirations and motivations.

An Old Republic focused TV show could breathe new life into the series by exploring the most exciting time in Star Wars' galaxy. We’ve spent so much time in the same era of Star Wars; all three trilogies focused on such a brief period of time in the series' established lore. The rumours about a reboot featuring a new Skywalker heir are honestly a little uninspired. We would much rather watch a show that takes us all the way back to 25,000 BBY.

But what would an Old Republic focused TV show look like, what stories could it tell and how could it incorporate Revan?

Why Revan?

Revan is one of the most interesting Sith Lords in the established Star Wars lore. Having originally trained as a Jedi, before converting to the Sith. Revan played a role on both sides of the conflict across many historical events. It’s this journey from the light side to the dark that makes Revan so compelling. Unlike Anakin, who was driven by his own personal interests, Revan’s turn to the dark side was slower and came from his desire to end the Mandalorian War. 

This moral ambiguity in Revan would make a fascinating story to discover over a season of TV. Imagine watching him start out as a bright-eyed Jedi, only to grow disenfranchised with the Jedi Order and start seeking alternative paths. This is the kind of character development that works better in a TV show than a movie, as the change needs to feel natural and not rushed. 

There’s also an interesting story in Revan’s closest friend and fellow Jedi-turned-Sith Malak. The two trained together as Jedi and served during the Mandalorian War. The two both turned to the dark side and formed their own Sith Empire. A few years later Malek would turn on Revan and shoot down his ship. Believing Revan to be dead, Malak took his seat at the head of the Sith Empire. This leads directly to Knights of the Old Republic. A game in which Revan has no memories of his time as a Sith, and once again operates as a Jedi Apprentice under a new master. 

A great starting point for the rumoured TV show could be the beginning of Revan’s training as a Jedi and the ensuing Mandalorian Wars. Setting up future seasons for his eventual turn to the darkside. 

A darker tone

An Old Republic and Revan focused Tv series will almost certainly take on a much darker tone than the mainline Star Wars series. We could likely expect it to look visually similar to The Mandalorian, while featuring the much grimier tone that has made it so popular. Interestingly, The Mandalorian has already subtly hinted to the existence of Revan in the universe. Din Djarin and Baby Yoda were both guided towards a Jedi Temple on Ython. A location which Revan visited in the past. 

Before you get your hopes up, there certainly won’t be a crossover between the two. The Mandalorian is set six years after the Battle of Yavin. The Old Republic period takes place around 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. The fact Disney is willing to reference Revan in one of its biggest TV shows sure is exciting though. 

Who knows what could happen. Fortunately, Disney seems like it’s open to exploring different parts of the Star Wars lore though, so let’s just hope Revan is a part of that. 

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